Thursday, August 7, 2008

SAR #8220

Globalization: the current euphemism for imperialism.

Efficiency: The big push to get prescriptions into a national database was so the insurance companies can find out who uses what RXs so they can avoid insuring them, or charge them more. Life insurers, too. Thought it was about medicine, silly me.

Daily Quiz: Which of the following war criminals has been arrested: Albright, Sharon, Kissinger, Karadzic, or Other

Batter Up: Some lawyers expect that sooner than later there will be an internet-disrupting cyber-terrorist 'event' that will let the government impose draconian controls over the content and use of the internet 'in the interests of safety'. According to Richard Clarke - former White House terrorism czar - the plans are ready, just waiting for a pretext.

In Memoriam: Hiroshima, August 6th, 1945. Nagasaki, August 9th, 1945.

Dough Ha! The WTO talks have stalled on whether nations can retain the right to protect their farmers and their national food security from the US destruction by subsidized imports.

Sorry, Very Sorry: Citigroup will buy back several billion dollars in auction rate securities, pay a fine, and apologize to various and sundry. In return, federal and state investigations will vaporize

Send A Thank You Note: China is reacting to the US economic slowdown by holding back the value of the RMB and increasing subsidies to exporters. Why the Chinese government prefers to sell stuff to the US rather than to their own citizens is a question military strategists are probably concerned about. For now, the US benefits.
Kudos: Paul Krugman checks in with some admirable sarcasm.
Counterintuitive: Seems that 300 point rallies in the Dow mean the market is going down, but that 300 point down days mean that the market is going down.
Don't Make Me Come Up There: President Bush says that it may be necessary to take more punitive measures with Iran because of its 'insufficient response' to earlier instructions.

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Stuart said...

Citigroup gets caught clearly with their hands in the cookie jar and walk away with a slap on the wrist. It's like a bank robber stealing a bank of $7 million, getting caught so what's the punishment; return the stolen booty and pay a $100,000 fine. Can't charge one of the members of the "club" I guess. Outrageous.
I guess Enron execs weren't part of the boys club since jail-time followed for them.