Friday, July 29, 2016

SAR #16211

Opinion polls create opinions.
What Did You Do In The War, Grampa? Most of us – at least when we were younger – have felt that the older generation just didn't get it. But what if you are Senator James Inhofe and your grandkids want to know why you are trying to kill them? Well, If you're Inhofe you demand an investigation into why the public schools are brainwashing your 16 grandchildren. Inhofe is the guy the GOP has put in charge of environmental legislation.
Emphasis: Everybody is too busy worrying about the future to look around and notice that the present is pretty damned sucky, too.
If, Then: It seems most unlikely that globalization can be stopped or even much slowed, so we'd have to find better ways to reconfigure the system to make it fairer. The basic rule should be that elevating the poor and disadvantaged of less developed nations should not require pauperizing the workers in the developed societies. Profits to the rich should not be of particular concern.
Audition: Rudy Giuliani, making a bid to be on Trump's team, has called for the “electronic tagging” of all Muslims on the US terrorist watch list. Maybe it's a job creation program. First they'll tag the Muslims, but I am not a Muslim so ...
Starvation Diet: Several French news outfits say they will no longer publish photos of those responsible for mass killings and will limit descriptions of their depredations to simple facts, in an effort to deprive them of “posthumous glorification.” And accounts would refer to “the bomber” and not identify the actors by name or claimed association. US MSM should consider doing the same with our homegrown mass murderers.
Signifying Nothing: Now that the fiat is acompli, Harry Reid acknowledges that Bernie Sanders did not get “a fair deal” from the DNC. It is always fun to watch the naïve discover that politics is serious and played for keeps.
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

SAR #16210

In choosing a leader we are agreeing to be led.
Trumped Card: The Donald has invited a foreign power to illegally access State Department records and private emails to help him win the presidency, and in return he would, as President, he’d recognize Russia’s right to Crimea as he turns NATO into a protection racket.
Levitation: While the US stock markets are hitting new highs, orders for durable goods continue the longest decline in US history. While the data jumps a lot month to month – this month was impacted by a plunge in aircraft orders which offset the previous month's gain from transportation orders – the long term direction continues downward.
More For Less: Reports show that the more a CEO is paid, the worse his company performs. Makes sense, they are too busy looting their companies to actually manage anything but their retirement portfolios. For example, Marissa Mayer at Yahoo.
Too Big Is Failing: Deutsche Bank, one of the world's largest TBTF institutions is failing. Its 2Q net income fell from €818 million last year to a paltry €20 million this; a 98% drop. Heads will roll, from middle management and the clerical staff no doubt.
Indisposed: As the atmosphere's CO2 levels grow, so does the amount of CO2 dissolved in the ocean, and that increases the water's acidity which in turn significantly decreases the level of reproduction by fish.
You've Been Warned: The Olympic Committee has ruled that people and organizations who have not bribed a Committee member are prohibited from tweeting about the Olympics. That means you.
Even Worser: It seems that even scientists have been astounded by the rapid response of the earth's climate to increased CO2 levels – they knew things were going to get weird, but didn't expect the heat and the downpours and the storms to turn up so soon or to be so extreme.
Inslight: Fox Nattering Nabob Bill O'Reilly cautions Americans not to take Michelle's observation that she “wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves” too seriously because those particular slaves “were well-fed and had decent lodgings.”
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