Thursday, October 30, 2014

SAR #14302

Bully Pulpits: What part of 'tested negative' don't you understand, governor?

Over There: After serving in West African Ebola areas, US soldiers are being quarantined in Vicenza, Italy. Why? Well, not because the Italians invited them. Mostly because it's not America.

Let Them Eat Cake: Italy and the UK are both stepping back from their efforts to rescue asylum seekers crossing the Med from Africa, because the promise of being pulled from the sea was only encouraging more to risk their lives.

Mister Rogers: Now that the privatized US space program has blown up in everyone's face, Russia has offered to help the US get stuff up to the space station. Part of the Good Neighbor program.

Moving Right Along: Australian keeps moving farther to the right. Now the government wants to allow cops to search homes for minor offenses like theft and believing in global warming. It also wants to give them the power to demand DNA samples from anyone suspected of a crime. The Environment Minister says that no study is needed before dumping crap on the internationally significant Carley Valley wetlands – claiming he could just recycle the excuses previously used to justify dumping crap on the Great Barrier Reef. In Tasmania it is now illegal to protest against mining, agriculture, construction and forestry operations. Australia has also banned entry to visitors from Ebola-affected west African nations and all science-infected westerners. 
Rainy Day: A German bank has begun charging big depositors 0.25% negative interest to keep their cash in the bank. Ah, Germany, the new Switzerland.

Thanks, But No Thanks: The Iraqi government has rejected a US plan to build a military base in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. They don't want an American presence further emboldening the Kurds and America really doesn't need to openly aid all three sides in Iraq.

Distinction/Difference: Pope Francis says he's not a Communist, just following the Gospel.

Trigger Treat: In Utah a 22 year-old black man dressed as a Japanese anime character was shot and killed by cops because he was black and had a sword. The sword was part of the costume and some of the shots were in the guy's back. In a Ft. Campbell, KY, military housing area a family decorated their front yard with three three figures, with black trash bags where their faces should be, hanging by their necks from trees.

Rosumovi Univerzální Roboti: Germany is developing 'smart factories' – completely automated factories that will churn out products without having to put up with employees. Think of the profits! Assuming, of course, that someone else still employs workers and pays them enough so they can buy the stuff the robots are building.

Headline:Dwarf Stripper Gets Bride-To-Be Pregnant at Bachelorette Party.” I eloped. Didn't know what I was missing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SAR #14301

Trade Secrets: Pope Francis acknowledged that evolution was an accurate description of the way God has created life on this planet and the Big Bang theory is a reasonable account of how the universe was created out of nothing, in an instant. He also admitted that God is not some sort of wizard who operates outside the rules of physics. This will all be retracted by this time tomorrow. 
Just Sayin' The earth's natural resources won't be able to support the world population within 100 years. They say. Optimists. 
Pieces In Our Time: Israel is planning to build over a thousand new settler homes in East Jerusalem, to which the US is strongly opposed. No matter, Netanyahu says that Israel will build anywhere in Jerusalem that it wants. The EU says that future relations with Israel will be conditioned on progress towards a two state solution. It's called 'negotiating'.

Two Steps Back: Pakistani the government sucked up to the Taliban and removed secular material from textbooks, littered chemistry texts with ridiculous and inappropriate quotes from the Koran and deleted any reference to non-Muslim rulers. 
Two-fer: Australia has banned entry to visitors from Ebola-affected nations in West Africa and science infected visitors from everywhere. 
On the Cheap: The US Defense Department claims that the air war against ISIS is costing about $8 million a day. Not true, but there's really no way of knowing. The DoD finances this war, and several others, out of the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, an accounting-free slush fund that amounts to $85 billion in non-accountable funds, annually. 
Driving Tip: Avoid Pennsylvania. 
Stupid and Weird: Because some ignorant folks think that pumpkins and candy corn are the tools of Satan and lead little children straight to Hell, elementary school students in many communities can no longer enjoy a day of costumed fun. I suppose it is somehow legal for these freaks warp their own defenseless children, but they have no right to impose their idiotic fears on the public at large. Public officials (such as school principals) who are too weak to stand up to these people should be summarily dismissed as unacceptable role models for our children.

Overreach: The FCC, unable to regulate serious money in political campaigns thanks to the Roberts' Court, has turned to trying to regulate the political content of Youtube videos. Lots of luck.

Being Prepared: The cops in Ferguson, MO, expecting that their fellow police officer is going to get away with murder, have stockpiled $25,000 worth of teargas, $18,000 in non-lethal ammo, $77,000 for riot gear and batons to beat civilians with, and only $2,300 worth of plastic handcuffs. They're only planning to handcuff the survivors. 
99 Bottles Of Beer: Research shows that 40% (2 million barrels) of the oil BP spilled into the Gulf in 2010 is still laying around on the Gulf's sea floor killing this and that. BP took issue with the findings.

Success: Texas’ strict ID/Voter law (with the encouragement and admiration of the Roberts' Supreme Court) is expected to disenfranchise over half a million voters, mostly poor and members of minorities. In Texas, Democrats are a minority.

Good News, Guys! Sleeping with numerous women protects men from prostate cancer, study reveals I'm good, you?

Porn O'Graph: Bottom feeders.