Friday, June 24, 2016

SAR #16176

Say No Evil: The computer tech who set up the Clinton email server has refused to answer over 125 questions posed during a deposition ordered by a federal judge. “… might tend to incriminate me.” Or someone else.
The Maine Thing: The Tea Party's favorite governor, Paul LePage of Maine, says he will ignore the federal government and his state legislature and impose a ban the purchase of foods he doesn't approve of by Maine's food stamp recipients. If he can't do that he'll simply stop the food stamp program all together. And hold his breath for a really, really long time.
Mistaken Identity: Turkey's Erdoğan claims that Europe doesn't want Turkey as a partner because turks are Muslims. Not true, Recip, Europe doesn't want Turkey because you are in charge there.
Tone Deaf: While Great Britain was voting on the Brexit question, the EU happily went ahead and authorized a a “common border police” to impose internal border checks in the Schengen free travel area if individual member states can't control their own borders. That'll reassure the Brits who think the undemocratic EU honchos are dictatorial.
Gimme Shelter: Over 25% of US renters pay more than half their income in rent. But it's just the poor, so never mind.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

SAR #16175

Eating Their Young: Lawyers, smelling money in the water, are telling fossil fuel companies that Exxon will not be the only target of climate change damages lawsuits and that the damages will be immense. At the same time there are other lawyers soliciting for clients to populate the same lawsuits.
Uncooperative: Teens in Colorado have deliberately refrained from becoming pot heads following that state's legalization of marijuana, just to piss off the Republicans.
From Our Comments Section: “It is unrealistic to think that constant monitoring of civilian communication such as emails, U.S. Post, or telephone calls would uncover activities of "lone wolves," who, by definition, act alone and on impulse with little or no specific planning other than acquisition of an automatic weapon and some ammo, unless the moment an automatic weapon is purchased (along with additional large amounts of ammo) that info is immediately related to law enforcement and the suspect is immediately followed and/or apprehended -- action that is currently unconstitutional.”
Competitive Edge: The top EU court has fined Intel $1.2 billion for bribing European computer makers not to use AMD's chips. Intel is fighting the fine with a claim that the court did not analyze “all relevant circumstances” to see whether the bribery actually worked. If it didn't, no harm no foul, right?
Advice And Consent: Mark Zuckerberg tapes over the mike and camera on his laptop. Do you?
Gunz R US: Then next time the oaf next door claims that mass shooting wouldn't happen if a lot more people carried handguns, tell him that highly trained police officers miss their targets 82% of the time. Ask him how accurate a half-drunk civilian will be in a dark bar with people screaming and running back and forth and masses of adrenaline pumping into his system, and five or six other patrons brandishing guns and shooting wildly. And then ask him if he wants to be standing there with a gun in his hand when SWAT bursts through the door. Nearly 100 people are killed by guns in the US every day. Automatic weapons are a danger, but the real danger is a Congress controlled by the gun lobby.
Protect And Self-Serve: Every day in the US, three police officers are arrested. Mostly for simple assault, drunken driving and aggravated assault, but a significant number of sexual crimes also make the list, along with stealing money in various ways. Nearly 40% of the crimes were committed while on duty.
Golden Rules: If you want to work at the Ark Encounter theme park, it is best if you are heterosexually married. Ken Ham, using $18 million of the Kentucky taxpayers' money to build his creationist wet-dream, insists prospective employees affirm they believe in creationism, disavow homosexuality and promise not to engage in premarital sex.
See No Evil: When House Democrats 'occupied' the well house and refused to disband until some effective gun legislation was passed, NRA sponsored Republicans shut down the cameras inside the US House of Representatives, depriving we the citizens (and voters) from watching
Rep. John Lewis embarrassing them.
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