Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SAR #14272

We assume that our goals are attainable, that the map leads somewhere.

Brouhaha: The referees were correct in penalizing the Muslim KC Chief player for praying in the endzone. That's a good rule and should be extended to cover all such “thank you god for preferring our team” crap, which the Christians seem to think doesn't offend the rest of us. 
Take A Memo: Exxon's Russian partner claims that just before the sanctions were imposed the joint venture's exploratory well in the Arctic discovered “a vast amount of oil” - around a billion barrels – and that the neighboring formations may contain more oil that the US areas in the Gulf of Mexico. Then again, they may not.

Voting Right: The Supremes have ruled that, at least in Ohio, early voting only has to be available between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday. Because numerous studies have shown that allowing early voting on evenings and weekends encourages working people, the poor, the elderly and other Democrats to vote. Can't have that.

Flash Mob: Having served as the ultimate rationale for bombing Syria, an alleged group of exceptionally dangerous nut jobs called (by the White House if no one else) the Khorasan Group disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Since then no media group has been able to verify that such a group exists, or ever existed. Really effective airstrike, no?

Look! Over There! In a classic case of misdirection, a British MP is blaming a reporter for 'making' the MP send an explicit photo of himself to someone he thought was a young lady but he was another man... hum along now. 
Fairly Unbalanced: Fox radio thingy Lauara Ingraham says that the man who jumped the fence and made it into the White House is an example of how much appointing a woman to head the Secret Service has hurt its performance. Even more frightening, the folks at Fox & Friends have assured the public that Obama's efforts at gun control (sic) will result in widespread beheadings. 
Noted: Iceland is going to hold a conference on gender equality – for men only.

Rocking The Cradle: UK Conservatives are advocating a law that would require “extremists" to get their postings on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police. The legislation would bar “extremists” from speaking at public events, especially celebrations of the Magna Carta and such because they are a threat to "the functioning of democracy".

Bottom Line: It is finally beginning to dawn on those rich, sophisticated investors that the only thing hedge funds excel at is taking their money. They have vastly under-performed the S&P 500 over the past 1, 3, and 5 years. But boy was it impressive at the cocktail parites out in the Hamptons to be able to talk about 'your hedge fund.' 
Silly Season: You cannot see use a picture of Copenhagen's The Little Mermaid, which has been perched in the middle of the harbor for over 100 years, unless you pay $1,800 for the privilege. In Nashville, even taking a selfie in a city park requires a $125 permit.

The Spoiled Of War: Since the US bombing campaign against ISIS began, the stock of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics have each reached all-time highs. 
Deadcibles: The man who whipped out his gun and killed a black teen for playing rap music says he's not sorry and that he “meant to pull [the trigger] 50 times if that's what it took to save my life.” Now I don't much care for rap music either, but, hey, it's not life threatening.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SAR #14271

How we are governed is not nearly as important as how much.

Collateral Damage: In the US bombing campaign against ISIS, who actually is being killed? Do you care? Does Obama? Does the Nobel Committee? In the same vein, who are the people the US is holding in all those secret Afghan prisons?

Cock, Crowing: Inflation! Inflation is coming! Right Here In River City, Trouble with a capital 'I'. That's the gist of Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher's rationale for an immediate hike in interest rates, to prevent unemployment from falling below some magic number 7%, 6% and why the first thing you know the interest the rich get won't keep up. One of these days the sun will, in fact, come up, but not for a while. And Fisher's cackling will not be the cause.

Sticks & Stones: Russia says that the airspace of Syria is “under its protection” and that Russia will retaliate against the US if it continues to violate Syria's sovereign airspace. Okay, so just how?

Good News/Bad: Climate change is no longer a threat to our children's' future. It is a threat to us, today; it's already here. 
Playbook: The Republicans are turning to “religious freedom” and “religious liberty” as the main code-words for this fall's speeches. This is supposed to make them “more inclusive and welcoming” on social issues. They see it as a way of fooling women into supporting the GOP even though it holds them in contempt and votes against their interests most of the time. According to Rand Paul the nation is in the midst of a “spiritual crisis” and that “America needs a revival.” What the country needs, they claim, is the freedom to impose conservative Christianity on others, here and abroad, to require Christian prayer in evolution-free schools, to force Jews to wear yellow stars, Muslims to be dead and all Buddhists to be kindly old Asian guys.

Got Five, Do Hear I Six? Guy in Kansas didn't pay his taxes, so the state tax cops closed his business and confiscated his inventory and now the state is actioning off the material seized, which includes dildos, blow-up sex partners, porn videos, a variety of magazines, and condoms in assorted flavors.

Rights, Wronged: Collingdale, PA police decided to give a local couple grounds to get rich by issuing a citation to them for videotaping them inside their own home. Cops just don't get the concept that they are public servants doing the people's business and are subject to being recorded... and being sued if they get nasty about it.

Quit While You Can: Facebook is selling all the information it has on you (and it has a lot) to a new ad network, Atlas, which will inundate you with ads wherever you go, based on your Facebook info.

And I Quote: 'Littering — the death penalty is probably too strong — but it ought to be punished really severely.” Fox's Tucker Carlson, after arguing that only rich people care about global warming. 
True, True: Americans have no idea how much the Masters of the Universe are paid and vastly underestimate the concentration of wealth at the top.”

Location, Location: Sarah Palin claims that 'Truth is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.' And other places, too.