Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SAR 10187

Some lose, some must pay - the circle closes.

We continue our tour of faded empires, adding Portugal to the list which now runs to Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, London, Florence, and Rome. Snippets only for a couple of weeks, as we try to avoid the present while touring the past.


Anonymous said...

Great! look forward to your summary...


Anonymous said...

...try to rediscover the present by understanding the past.

1977 vintage port, the tragic lilt of Fado, a trip down the nearly vertical streetcars, after a visit to the Roman theatre, will help with perspective methinks.


-- aitrader

Anonymous said...

As one of your loyal, but poor, readers who has never earned enough to visit the European capitals (and may never, if the current trend lines hold...) you could at least post us some pictures.

Have a great trip, looking forward to my daily assembly.