Saturday, April 2, 2011

SAR #11092

Gone Fishing. Eating.

Spring break is upon us. This year the Fallen Empire Tour takes us to Ravenna,Italy, which was  briefly the capital of the Western Roman Empire (402 – 476) and then the seat of the Ostogoths and an outpost for  Arian  Christianity.

After touring the mosaics, we will, of course, be forced to eat our way through neighboring Bologna, Modena and Parma.

Be of good cheer; sarcasm returns about April 12th.


Demetrius said...

Food for thought. Enjoy the real Montepulciano.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

Enjoy. You'll be missed.

CKMichaelson said...

Great minds, Demetrius... I happen to have opened a montepulciano dabruzzo last night, just for practice.

More tips, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Do enjoy your break, CKM. Another tip: dont forget to savor the italian lemon tart (and all the other delicious pastries).

- Lobo

Anonymous said...

Enjoy - Be safe.


Completely Appalled said...

You face some serious eating in the weeks to come; you musn't waiver!!


Drewbert said...

suffering from sarcasm withdraw