Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SAR #11187

Ecclesiasticus tells us we should travel to foreign places...

We're on vacation for a few days – will return Monday or Tuesday next week.

It is my turn for the complete vacation. It works this way: My SO and I long ago got tired of the “What should we do today?” “I dunno. What you wanna do?” “I dunno...” and so on.

So we decided – while standing crotch deep in a Central American pig farm, each blaming the other for the experience – that there had to be a better way. So now we take turns. When it is my turn I pick the destination, the travel arrangements, the accommodations and the major activities, and am responsible for providing adequate breaks from the schedule for rest and impulse.

SO's part is to smile and complement me at every turn – even when things turn into pig farms.

The next time it is SO's turn to do the planning and worrying and all that, while I relax.

It is SO's turn, so I'm relaxing. To make sure of that, SO has passed a 'no internet' rule. Talk about your pig farms.

...and try the good and evil in all things.


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