Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SAR #11248

Pump-priming works only if there's water in the well.

Unclear on the Concept:House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor have told Obama to show up for a meeting with them so they can go over his upcoming talk on job creation and point out where he's gone wrong.

Only Just Begun:Now that Gaddafi is out of the way, the real fight for control of Libya (that is, for control of Libya's oil) can begin. On one side will be the NATO-backed remnants of the old regime, on the other will be those who made the revolution. Change is good, in very small amounts.

Don't Do Anything Rash: As the recession drags on, new parents cut back on diapering to save money. This shows up both as a decline in diaper sales and as an increase in the sales of diaper rash ointments.

They're Everywhere! The Portuguese Prime Minister, acknowledging that the country has one of the largest income disparities between the rich and the rest anywhere in the world, says there will be no significant increase in taxes on the rich, for fear of scaring them away. The government is, however, going to focus on charging tolls on highways as a way of cutting the deficit.

Good News, Bad News: A new report finds that rats fed GM soybeans and corn (maize) develop kidney and liver abnormalities at twice the normal rate. So rodents munching on stored GM crops may be more likely to die off. The report did not speculate on the effect these crops would have on larger mammals.

Ranking: The US has dropped from number 28 to number 41 in the deaths of newborns – behind a bunch more countries with the dreaded socialized medicine.

Secrets of the Illuminati Republicans: A long-time GOP congressional staffer has come forward to explain why he abandoned ship, alleging that the Republicans main goal is to thwart Obama at every turn, even (or especially) if that means deliberately blocking policies that would strengthen the economy. They feel that the more government fails, the better for them at the polls in 2012. They are, of course, right.

Optimists: Over one-third of Americans think the two party political system is hopelessly broken. The other two thirds are evenly split between those who think that Cher's kid shouldn't be on Dancing with the Stars, and those that think John Beck would make a better quarterback than Rex Grossman.

On Government: Rick Perry thinks that citizens should stand on their own two feet and not expect government to deliver services they can provide themselves. That's why Texas cut funding for volunteer fire departments in the state from $30 million to just $7 million. Perry also thinks that FEMA should be cut down to size, right after it gets through helping Texas deal with the out-of-control-wildfires that are overwhelming the underfunded volunteer fire departments.

Porn O'Graph: The median is mean, very mean.


rjs said...

i must be hopelessly out of it...

i have no idea who Sher's kid, John Beck or Rex Grossman are...

CKMichaelson said...

rjs - sorry about the phonetic spelling... I meant "Cher's kid..." And you make my point, for I assume you are part of the first third and not overly concerned with who should or should not be allowed to appear on a TV dance show nor deeply involved in who should lead the Redskins to defeat this year...

Ah, how come no one ever admits they don't get my more obscure literary or historical references?


Namke von Federlein said...


OT: We have a new Twitter account and we just tweeted The Diaper Rash Economic Indicator @NamkeProductive.

Why am I mentioning this publicly? I put a ht with a link to your site in the Tweet but it was tricky.

There is another "Some Assembly Required" on the web that has a twitter account. This could be confusing if people search. Plus : "Some Assembly Required" is a lot of character for a tweet.

You might want to put in your sidebar :
How to give Some Assembly Required credit on Twitter.

I would suggest:
(ht SAR as the first characters in the tweet.

In general, the link with the information is the last link in the tweet so it is probably best to put the ht first.

Twitter will shorten the link automatically.

Or do you have a Twitter account? (I can't find it). If you do decide to Tweet some day then make sure you Follow Twitter's anti-spam feed called @spam. For some reason, Twitter does not suggest this for new users.

Thanks for your blog! I read it every day.

Namke von Federlein

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I DO know about the controversy re Chaz (born "Chastity") Bono on DWTS. Since the dancers are eliminated one by one, weekly, on the basis of a combination of the judges' scores and audience call-in votes, Chaz's persistence in the show, if audience votes overpower the scoring by merit, will be a measure of the audience strength of the LGBTI community. Such a phenomenon kept Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, on the show all season, to a third-place finish, despite her lack of skill (and perhaps also a concealed pregnancy).

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

PS I do not intend to Tweet, and hope that I am correct that Twitter is the early 21st century internet equivalent of Beanie Babies - an inexplicable enthusiasm that will, soon enough, recede into the obscurity it deserves.

Or else I'll be left in the dust. If so, so it goes.

CKMichaelson said...

mistah charley - I'm wit' you.. I barely find enough stuff to fill up SAR & by the time I'm done, I have exposed my self to enough ridicule. Don't understand twits.

Re: "also a concealed pregnancy" - sort of runs in the family...


I'm Not POTUS said...

Twating only works on the 2/3rds who will not blink an eye when they finally monetize the thing with micro-payments.

Go ahead and post a tweet about sitting on the ceramic throne. It only will cost you a fifth of a penny. Not to mention the carpel tunnel when you are 53.

Also at third is too generous a portion for those that "get it". I think it is closer to 2%.

I thought DWTS was going to produce an "A" List roster?
I think they are playing semantics and provided a list of "stars".

BTW, Perry's plan is for you to seek refuge with a stranger, when your house burns down, with any luck it will be a volunteer fireman who takes you in, sitting at home because he has no equipment to protect the refugees house .

Maybe he thinks all these good Samaritans should build mangers in their back-40 just in case history repeats itself.

Namke von Federlein said...


Well, here's the funny thing about Twitter.

You don't have to tweet anything. What I am doing is providing myself with a news feed from many different sources (like the old stock market ticker tape - remember that?).

I then retweet anything I like with a single mouse click.

So what?

Well, I feed that onto my blog in the sidebar so that I can provide my visitors with a real-time version of SAR (without ckm's brilliant comments, of course).

It took me two weeks of examining twitter (on and off) to find any value in it. The value (for me) is :

1) provide a nice SAR-style news feed onto my blogs in a timely and efficient manner

2) support web sites that I like. A tweet, retweet or Follow is a powerful "vote" on the Internet.

If twitter is about yourself then it's probably boring. If it's about helping other people - maybe. We'll see if my new experiment works out.

Last but not least - privacy. No personal information required and you can easily delete an account (unlike Facebook - which I don't use).

Anyway - for new twits such as myself, a little note in the SAR sidebar would by nice.

In fact, I was thinking about tweeting SAR's daily post every day to promote it a little bit. I was hoping a retweet would do the job but if SAR doesn't have a twitter account then I can just make a tweet every day in 10 seconds.

Ckm : would you prefer that I do not tweet your daily post ?

only the best from

Namke von Federlein

CKMichaelson said...

Knock yourself out! I am certainly not against publicity - "visits" and "page views" are the main form of reward I get for being so well informed...