Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SAR #12024

Investment advice: if it burns, buy it.

Open Marriage: The Eu has agreed to stop buying oil from Iran... in six months. C'mon, isn't that like asking for a divorce effective in six months, but until then wanting spousal privileges? And as part of the divorce, they don't want Iran to change the locks on the front door block the Strait of Hormuz. These guys have been taking marriage advice from Newt.

Let's Make A Deal: You never thought Obama was actually going to investigate and prosecute the banking giants for their part in the housing debacle, so why act surprised at the spineless giveaway? Or do you think that giving $1,800 consolation prizes to 10% of those who have been swindled out of their homes is adequate? No jail time & a hollow promise not to get caught again. Phah. [This trial balloon appears to have crashed & burned.]

Echo: Folks making $30,000 a year, buying $600,000 apartments, expecting a 20-30% return in less than a year are now finding that their apartment is worth only $400,000 and there are no 'bigger fools' around to buy at even that price. Sound familiar? Well, that's because China's housing bubble resembles the US bubble, except theirs is just starting to pop. But don't worry, it'll be contained.

One For Our Side: The Supreme Court has ruled that the cops can't physically attach a GPS device on your car without a warrant. At least, that is, if they want to track you "for an extended period of time." So the government can spy on us, just not continuously.

Rose Is Rose: House Republicans say that their budget plan - which hasn't been formulated yet - will include an alternative vision to the “cradle-to-grave welfare state". Specifically the unwritten document will specify substantial cuts in Medicare and turn it over to the  insurance companies.

Leaks vs. Leaks: A former CIA official who publicly confirmed the use of waterboarding in interrogations and in doing so revealed the identity of two CIA officers now faces 20 years in prison, which is considerably longer than Dick Cheney got for outing a CIA covert officer.

Bushite Iraq: Under a law called "Freedom of Expression of Opinion, Assembly, and Peaceful Demonstration," Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is intimidating, beating, detaining and torturing those who are foolish enough to express an opinion that does not meet government approval.

Anomaly Is As Anomaly Does: TSA at Nashville said "an anomaly" on Senator Rand Paul's right leg "triggered an alert" that resulted in his being escorted from the screening area by police when he declined to be patted down. A half-hour later, rebooked on a different flight, Paul went through the same screening devices without triggering an alarm, raising the question of the validity of either the first or the second screening.

Pick A Number: Joe Granville claims the Dow will fall 4000 points by year's end. Optimist.

Nation Building: Political factions are tearing apart what little central government the US and David Petraeus were able to cobble together before declaring victory and skedaddling. Opposition politicians are particularly upset over Obama's recent characterization of Maliki's government as inclusive, efficient, independent and transparent - none of which terms can be applied to anything in Iraq, much less Maliki's government.

Priorities: KY Gov. Beasher's  budget cuts higher education and basic services and - he admits - "is inadequate for the needs of the state's people." There is, however, $43 million to help a creationist theme park teach Bible lessons to the uneducated, much like the art in medieval churches.

Porn O'Graph: Down in the valley...


TulsaTime said...

National Building- Gee, you don't suppose the constitution we wrote for them has anything to do with the current stat of affairs, do ya? And can you imagine the protest if O had broken character and told the truth? Of course, that is the truth in govspeak.

Boy, just you wait for prez Newt to take over and fix it all with conservative raygun values and a merikun axceptionalism. It will be great then.

No item about the editor that wants the Mossad to kill O so that joe can defend isral from them dirty persians?

CKMichaelson said...

TT - The editor story is being edited for tomorrow's SAR. Let's just note that the Secret Service didn't rush to throw him in jail...


farmland investment said...

China sounds just like the USA. I wonder if the loans there are non-recourse, i.e. the buyer can walk away, or if the banks can come after a person's assets. Than again, politically, if banks tried to do this, there'd be massriots so the party would surely never allow this anyway.

I'm Not POTUS said...

Hey now wait a minute!!!!! Why are you trying to cut out the Democratic Insurance companies from the action??? That is UnAmerican of you.

Progressive CEO's gotta' right to stick their noses in the public trough too you know.

CKMichaelson said...

Yeah, you're right, INP, I was unevenhanded. Greed knows no political limits and suborns (or at least rents out) politicos of whatever stripe fits the task.

I'll go do penance now.


I'm Not POTUS said...

Ok 5 minutes in the corner and i am cutting your allowance by 5 cents.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog, but what, in itself, is wrong with the fact that Romney "made the average American worker's yearly income of $42,000 every four hours and garnered enough in the first week of the year to be in the top 1%" if he earned these sums legally? Is there some articial cut-off we should impose on income and wealth that is consisent with free enterprise?

CKMichaelson said...

Anony 4.21 Who said anything about "being consistent with free enterprise"? Which version of "free enterprise"?