Friday, October 26, 2012

SAR #12299

To embrace a religion is to make oneself the center of creation.

What, Me Worry? There will be no paper trail of at least 45 million voters choices next month. If that doesn't worry you, you've wandered into this blog by accident and should leave now.

The Non-Issue: Despite its being the greatest threat to mankind and civilization since we started building nuclear bombs, neither Romney nor Obama have addressed climate change during the campaign. Romney because he has been told he doesn't believe it is happening, and Obama because he knows there's nothing he can do about it without Democratic control of both houses of the Congress, and that's not going to happen. The voters don't mind – they are willing to pretend it's not happening, it's not dangerous, it's just a couple of degrees...

Judge/Jury: A man suspected to have been involved in the Benghazi consulate attack “has been killed in Cairo,” unidentified officials say. Jaywalking, I'm sure.

Yes, But... Sales of new houses increased only 0.3% m/m in September. Gives 'barn burner' a new meaning. Even the NAR now admits "This means only minor movement is likely in near-term existing-home sales...” But the point to the (unseen but possibly there) “positive underlying market fundamentals.”

One Size Fits All: If re-elected, “Obama “isn’t planning to propose any new policies for _______ if they’ll just get rejected by Republicans in Congress.” Has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

The Enforcer: A German, naturally, will be the European Commission's Gaultier in Greece charged with enforcing the austerity measures demanded by the Troika in return for prolonging Greece's agony. He will have absolute control of the bailout monies, relieving Greek politicians of the burden of controlling their own budgets. The forward looking Germans also want to insure that if Greece ever returns to a budget surplus, that surplus flows directly to the ECB.

Motions, Going Through: The United Nations is going to investigate the legality of US drone attacks in which civilians are collaterally damaged.

Surrender As A Strategy: Obama says that he will give the R's $1.2 trillion in agency cuts, smaller cost-of-living increases for Social Security recipients, and $250 billion in cuts to Medicare by raising the Medicare eligibility age and then hoping (against all previous experience) that the R's go along with $800 billion in new taxes. If there's only one party running for president, why are there two candidates? And when did “protect” come to mean “gut”?

Welcome to the Matrix: Obama's assassins have drawn up a “disposition matrix” listing all, most, some of the people the US wants to kill, specifically addressing those who are not conveniently placed to be droned. The murders – there have been more than 3,000 of them so far - are expected to continue for at least a decade – either because additions to the list keep coming, or because the targets are becoming a bit more wary. Probably the former. “We can’t possibly kill everyone who wants to harm us,” a senior administration official said. “But we're going to try... it’s a necessary part of what we do.” But they also understand that “We’re not going to wind up in 10 years in a world of everybody holding hands and saying, ‘We love America.’ ” You betcha'.

Future, Tense: Following Obama’s victory in the 2012 presidential election, Republican members of the House of Representatives signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to do nothing about anything, leading to four years of complete deadlock in Washington. Drone strikes here and there around the world will continue, but nothing else will get done.

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OkieLawyer said...

Those are some mighty fine hiking trails you are showing lately.

Appalachian Trail, perhaps?

A great song for autumn:

Appalachian Melody

By the way, did you ever go back and identify that mystery tree/bush from a few months back?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Yeah, this time of year nature does her best to seduce. But no, alas, it is nothing so awsome as the Appalachian Trail, just a nice little woods at the edge of town.

And yes, I went back, several times and no, I was never able to identify the bush/shrub. One of the few that evaded identification this summer.