Monday, November 26, 2012

SAR #12330

Government debt is how we transfer tax revenue to the rich.

Doomed: If the Walmart workers were depending on Walmart customers to support them in their confrontation with Walmart Management, and they were, they were bound to be wasting their time, which they did and are. For the same reason we will do nothing about global warming if it inconveniences us or costs us money today, we will do nothing to perturb Always the Low Prices. It's a matter of religion.

All The News That Fits: The US denies a malware attack on France. That's not the news. The news is that the US had to deny it.

Repeat After Him: Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) correctly notes that “Social Security does not add one penny to the deficit. Not a penny.”

Back At It: Protesters and supporters of Egyptian president Mursi's power grab are back in the streets, as the country's senior judges describe his actions as an “unprecedented assault” on the independence of the judiciary.

All Ye Need Know: “Top Republicans Everywhere Are Breaking With Grover Norquist And Calling For More Tax Revenues.” Or, Running Scared.

Absolutely Positively Maybe: At the moment, funds to bail out Spain/Spanish banks have been promised by December 15th, if and only if the four nationalized banks fire 8,000 employees. That would amount to 30% of all bank employees in the country, which would be a good start if it was done from the top down.

Identification: When they talk about entitlement reforms, those are your entitlements being sent to the reformatory.

Datapoint: This year's budget deficit is $200 billion smaller than last year's, is $300 billion smaller than when Obama was sworn in, and ““has fallen faster over the past three years than it has in any such stretch since demobilization from World War II.”

Nomenclature: Apparently there is some need for a Breast Cancer Bewareness movement as concerns about over-diagnosis and over-treatment arise.

Quoted: “Until 1948, the territory of Palestine stretched from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean. It was inhabited by 'Palestine'. The violence that has afflicted the area ever since is the direct result of an event whose true nature our society seems determined to deny.”

Good Advice: John McCain says the Republicans should leave the abortion issue alone. A day or two late, but good advice.

Word to the Wise: Catastrophic damage from solar flares, prevention of. Or not. After all, $100 million to prevent an electrical/electronic Armageddon would increase the deficit.

What Flavor Hype Are You Buying? As the fracking shills keep hawking their boundless and groundless optimism, the questioning is getting more pronounced – 'Can natural gas live up to its advertising? The answer is no, no matter what historian Nial Ferguson says.

Asked & Answered: Do coal plants really kill people? Yes.

Prerequisites: Last August the Boulder and Colorado Spring campuses of UC created separate dorms where students with concealed-carry gun permits could have their shootouts. So far not a single student has moseyed over.

It's The Little Things: “If you believe the IEA, our energy worries are over...” Emphasis on the “if”.

En Passant: When evaluated on the same basis as public schools in the state, only 37% of Pennsylvania's charter schools would meet federal standards. But they make a profit, which is educational, no?

Porn O'Graph: In the pink.

The Parting Shot:


Going with the flow.


I'm Not POTUS said...

Charter Schools are just modern day, sanitized and "justified" means of segregation.
Segregation of responsibility.
Segregation of funding.
And tyranny upon the children of the poor.
The purpose of charter schools is to give some admins and teachers an easy ride. That is all it does.
They get to pick the kids who go there. They get to kick out the one's that don't tow the line and they get to keep the problems of education back down there in the
"general population" regular schools.

Anonymous said...

Breast Cancer

There is a new documentary on breast cancer and fundraising by Corporations called PINK RIBBONS. Here is the trailer:

Once again, the ubiquitous Corporations infiltrate every aspect of our lives and not for the Good.

OkieLawyer said...

Re: All Ye Need To Know

All of the examples are from the U.S. Senate. It will be news when the Teapublican House members start saying the same thing.