Thursday, March 7, 2013

SAR #13066

It's tempting to think things will normalize at some point.

In Memoriam: Regularly demonized by the US media and government, Chavez's democratic socialism achieved real economic gains for the majority of the people. “He was committed to empowering the powerless,” and thus a threat to America's owners.

Quoted: “I would hypothesize that the central bankers know their policy of printing money is the most irresponsible thing imaginable...”

Yes, But: As the Dow closes at record hights, US household income reaches a decade low. But the Dow is down 50% against gold since its last record high in 2007. New York's Homelessness is reported to be at the worst levels since the Great Depression. worst Since The Great Depression.In Europe GDP is undergoing the steepest contractions since 2009. In Spain the homeless are taking over whole apartment buildings.

Being Prepared: It's not so much that the Attorney General says the President can assassinate American citizens on US soil, the ability hasn't been the question. The agony is that Holder implies that he may.

Storyline: The Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt were not a unique, one-time event, but the new normal as food (and energy) shortages become endemic in the country. The Nile Delta slowly sinking isn't going to help. And it all may have started with global-warming-instigated drought in eastern China.

Say 'Goodnight', Gracie: As he departed from the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King called for the Royal Bank of Scotland to be broken up. Funny, it was under his control for the last few years and he didn't seem to get around to it.

Feature, Not Failure: A UNICEF study found Israel's ill-treatment of Palestinian minors to be “widespread, systematic and institutionalized”. In other words, deliberate policy.

The Future Is Secret: The Trans-Pacific Trade pact negotiations are secret. It's just about how the corporations are going to pluck the public, so the public is not allowed to know what's being given away. Sure, 600 corporate lobbyists are on the inside, but they've got your best interests at heart, right. Like in NAFATA? Sovereignty is overrated.

Missing In Action: Over 13% of the billions upon billions ($767 billion by some accounts – austerity anyone?) wasted on the Iraqi war was... wasted. As in, gone. Missing. Just a few pallet-loads, no biggie.

Customer Base: Unlike Wall Street banks, which only have to wrestle with the PR issues arising from their money laundering for gangsters, tyrants, dictators, drug cartels, elected officials etc., Cyprus is unlikely to get a bailout from the Eurozone until it actually does something to resolve its long-standing practice of laundering money for gangsters who are too dirty for even Wall Street.

Know Thy Enemy: ALEC inspired (backed, paid...) conservative politicians have introduced 67 laws in 25 states trying to reduce minimum wages.

Parse This: The Financial Services Authority, which regulates all financial services in the UK, acknowledges that its staff knew “for years” that the banks were rigging LIBOR rates, but maintains that doing nothing about this massive fraud was not a “major regulatory failure.”

Porn O'Graph: All that glitters isn't the Dow.

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Drew Dowdell said...

Being Prepared - Holder didn't imply that at all. He said non-catastrophic threats are the purvue of law enforcement and only 9-11 type situations where another airliner is off course and heading towards the Sears tower would the President need that level of authority.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

First, the play was on the can/may thing. Can the president... of course, the executive at all levels has access to and command over (and supposedly a monopoly on) violence. And the executive certainly has the task/responsibility to protect the citizenry. So both 'can' and 'may' are satisfied.

The open question is the conditions under which he or she both can and may. In cases of "clear and present danger", but these days 'clear' is far from clear - witness admitted "signature" killings. And present danger - immanent in the current terminology - is certainly not 'present' and not particularly immanent any more. More like the prescience than present.

And thus the toehold for my legitimate concern over the can/may issue.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Blistex - among others - I don't know why your messages were diverted. I'll be more diligence about checking under the rug. - ckm