Saturday, October 12, 2013

SAR #13285

We could have done so much better.

Remember: This is not about Obamacare, it is not about the deficit nor the debt. It is a clash between reason and belief, reality and fantasy. It may be the ultimate clash between knowledge and ignorance. The ignorant are winning. 
Curious: As Secretary of State John Kerry is holding talks with Afghan President Karzai over the continued presence of US troops in the country after 2014, American troops kidnapped a senior Pakistani Taliban leader who was meeting with Afghan intelligence officials – after months of careful negotiations - as part of peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban. Karzai was less than best pleased.

Suicide Is Painless: In return for taking the gun away from our heads (for at least 6 weeks), the bastards want cuts to entitlement programs including Medicare (but not Social Security, not yet). We shouldn't negotiate with terrorists, much less give in to them. Hey, the Republicans shut down the government and threatened to force us to default on US debt, their poll numbers collapsed, and now they want a reward for their bad behavior. Even continuing this conversation with them is wrong. It proves, once again, that the Democrats will always give in, until they've got nothing left to give. These people have driven the country into record depths of poverty and record inequality and a downward spiral for all but the 1%, and now they want more. And are getting it. The last thing they deserve is to get awaywith blackmail. There is no good reason for Obama take this deal.

Good Question: Did Paul Ryan win the 2012 election?

Compassion: The folks at Fox think that welfare recipients should not have flat-screen TVs, cell phones, or air conditioning. And don't get them started on those welfare cheats who own Air Jordans. After all, “The motivation to go get a job is almost non-existent in 35 states,” because you can get free medical care at the ER and at least $245 in food stamps. Every month.

A Quote: ECB president Mario Draghi, when asked about the the upcoming review of European bank assets, said “I have no idea whether to expect major disasters or not.”

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kwark said...

Re Compassion: That sort of so-called "reporting", with the hyperbole ratcheted-down a bit, is what we hear on MOST of the MSM. Since there's no substantive difference between FOX and the others, doesn't that mean FOX is part of the "Liberal Press" they so often bemoan? Just wonderin'.