Friday, January 25, 2008

SAR #8026

No pointing at the elephant.

Wolf Cries Wolf ! Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer estimates that oil and natural gas supplies will not meet demand after 2015. Meanwhile Russian crude oil exports are down 9% this year. At this rate Russia - currently the world's largest petroleum exporter - will not export petroleum after 2016. Wall Street's a distraction. Soon there will not be enough energy to let companies do enough business keep operating. Keep your eye on the oil supply. Your 10-year-old child will still be in high school in 2016.

Deed Restrictions : 2007's housing sales decline was the largest in 25 years. Median prices dropped over 12% in 2007, the first time house prices have declined nation-wide since the Great Depression.

Movie Critic : I've been losing money in the stock market for over 45 years, and I can't remember anything close, in speed or size, to the Government's reaction to a 'possible recession'. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they're doing. What I see is panic. Panic in their body language, panic in their actions.

All Together Now ! Neighbor's dog barked all night, so I called the cops. They told me that the barking was bothering the whole neighborhood, so they couldn't do anything on just one complaint. That's pretty much the story that EPA chief Stephen Johnson told California in rejecting their attempt to regulate harmful emissions. He said that global warming is a global problem that no one is allowed to solve unless everyone does. Go back to sleep.

Priorities : Hidden throughout the Federal Budget, not just in the official Defense bills, our war machine costs about $1.1 trillion a year. No wonder Mr. Decider said we couldn't afford children's healthcare.

Daily Double : Ice losses in Antarctica have increased by 75% in the last decade and are nearly as great as that seen in Greenland. Both ice sheets are melting faster than anticipated. The race is on and no matter which you bet on, Bangladesh looses.

Growth Spurt : The world's largest oil company is Exxon Petrochina. The other major's are: BP Gazprom; Shell Sinopec and Chevron Petrobras. Times change.

Debt Rattle : A single "rouge trader' who committed 'exceptional fraud' at Societe Generale caused $7.2 billion in losses as SG sold off $70 billion to clean up the mess - which prompted the market crashes which prompted the Fed's .75 point rate cut. A 27 year old staffer did this all by himself, they say. "Exceptional fraud"? Now that I believe.

Intervention: At a critical moment in Friday's Australian Open tennis match, Djokovic's mother grabbed a medallion hanging at her throat, brought it to her lips, and kissed it fervently. A brazen appeal to the Chair Umpire.

Water Wings : Peru already has border disputes with Chile ahio'nd Ecuador. Peru’s water comes from glacial melt, which is predicted to disappear within a decade . When Peru’s 27 million people start wandering into Chile and Ecuador looking for bottles of Crystal Springs, there is a fair likelihood of trouble.

Dire Straits : Politicians cannot admit they are helpless, so they'll pass a small handout to the voters and another tax break for the big guys. Both to little effect. Eventually the truth will sink in: avoiding a depression depends on the kindness of strangers. And they won't do it for free.

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