Monday, January 28, 2008

SAR #8029

Following orders does not relieve one of responsibility.
Principle IV, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

Little Dutch French Boy: Trying to save itself from huge losses from 'unauthorized trading', Société Générale dumped $75 billion in stock over a weekend and plunged the world's exchanges into a panic that destroyed $1 trillion in paper assets. The Fed over-reacted with a huge rate cut and the emergency recession thwarting package. So the little French boy seems to have stuck Bernake's finger in the dike.

Weight Watchers: Placing the blame correctly is getting harder and harder. For example, food's price inflation in the last year is due to: a) too many people, b) oil prices, c) bio-fuel production, d) lack of water e) lack of arable land, f) too many people eating like Americans. All of the above.

Prophets and Loss: Less than 10% of the CEOs of the world's 500 largest companies think global warming has anything to do with them. Their job is to quickly burn as much fossil fuel as possible to increase their profits and bonuses. Next question: what the hell are we all morticians?

Self-Inflicted: In Fulluja, Abu Marouf, commander of 13,000 fighters temporarily on the American side, says he will withdraw his support and allow al-Qa'ida to return if his fighters are not incorporated into the Iraqi army and police. Marouf says, "If the Americans think they can use us to crush al-Qa'ida and then push us to one side, they are mistaken." An old story, mistakes were made.

Prosecution Rests: If you have trouble understanding that water-boarding is not torture, that the United States does not torture prisoners unlawful combatants the people we pick up off the street, please follow this simple logic: (1) we saw off fingers; but (2) we do not torture; thus (3) sawing off fingers isn't torture.

How Dry I Am : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that water belongs at the top of the world's agenda. He's not talking about feel-good programs to dig wells, he is warning of "a high risk of violent conflict" over scarce water supplies, among 2.7 billion people in nearly 50 countries. I can't imagine where more potable water will come from. I can imagine how fewer people will go thirsty, eventually.

Escher: Each time an 'upside down' homeowner walks off having lost the economic interest to stay, or an over-housed family gets foreclosed, property values sink. That in turn puts the neighbors into negative equity, giving them the motivation to walk off. The economy slows and ARM's keep resetting and more houses stand empty. Repeat until when? Where does it stop?

Mighty Mouse: Never fear! George Bush is riding to the rescue! He has decided to focus on keeping the US out of recession during his remaining time in office, just as earlier he focused on Osama bin Laden, Iraq, helping the people of New Orleans, being compassionate, leaving no child behind and being a uniter.

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