Sunday, June 8, 2008

SAR #8160

The new terror stalking the world is famine.

Echo : Mexicans suspect that US companies drilling offshore in waters close to the border may be sucking Mexican oil illegally. Once upon a time, Saddam was suspected of doing that to Kuwait - and we know how that turned out.

Energy, Energy, Energy : For the fourth month in a row, natural gas customers in Northern Indiana will see an increase in their cost. This month it will be 21.82%, based on the increase in the wholesale price of natural gas.

HAL: Despite the recent spanking from SecDef Gates, the US Air Force continues to find a way to get back in the game. Gates' plans for the 'next wars' - two, three, four Afghanistan /Iraq energy wars - are ground force things, with little for the Air Force to do but fly the dead and wounded home. So the Air Force has set up Cyber Command and redefined the Internet as a battlefield. It plans on preemptive control of both the Internet and the defense monies involved. First up, $30 billion to gain the ability to control or disrupt every computer connected to the Internet. "Dave? Dave, please don't do that... Dave?"

Clothes Do Make The Man: Makeup - from a magic marker - can turn a wimpy male barn swallow into chick magnet. Not only does the sartorial upgrade get him more attention from the ladies, the attention increases his testosterone level and causes an improvement in his general physique.

Get Smart: McCain spokesman Doug Holtz-Eakin says that McCain's views on warrantless wiretaps and the other excesses such as the invasion of privacy, denial of habeas corpus, enhanced interrogation, and the quaint suggestions in the Bill of Rights are the same as Mr. Cheney Bush. The Kool Aide comes in flavors.

Debt, No Doubt: Average US household debt is 85% higher today than in 2001.

Climbing Mountains: The Japanese have begun putting barcodes on gravestones. Scan it with your mobil phone and you can watch the funeral ceremony, browse pictures of the deceased, leave the departed a note. Sometimes it seems like things are done with clever electronics just because you can, just because they, like mountains, are there.

Being Rationed-al: Three bucks didn't even cause a pause. But four bucks a gallon seems to be the break point. Americans are driving less; 4% less already. Anything that would, for the first time ever, cause Americans to drive less is worth noting. Noted.

Yet Another Crisis: Americans may not have cash, but as long as they've got plastic the party goes on; 4.86% of cardholders are now delinquent, yet purchases are up 7.9%.

Civil groups to protest against US troops in Peru: Folks in Peru don't understand why there are 400 armed US soldiers wandering around the country "digging water-wells and building classrooms". Not everyone understands US soldiers' constant need to defend themselves against the local populace.

If.... Then...: It seems airlines are considering everything to squeeze a few more pennies out of the customer. Fees for actually having luggage, fees for wanting a reserved seat. Some sages are recommending you send your luggage via UPS instead of checking it. Why should UPS have any less fuel costs than airlines?

Porn O'Graph: How oil got there.

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