Thursday, June 26, 2008

SAR #8178

"Torture: If the detainee dies, you are doing it wrong."
CIA Lawyer Jonathan Fredman

Headline: Bush Administration To Leave Iraq Oil Deals Alone. Why is this news? Exxon gets free access to plunder Iraqi oil; that's what the war was about, why should Bush complain?

1 - 2 - 3 Infinity: One: The Royal Bank of Scotland foresees "a global equity and credit crash" this autumn. Two: Morgan Stanley bank sees a "catastrophic event" in the markets, soon. Three: Hedge fund guru John Paulson says global losses from the credit crisis will reach $1.3 trillion. Four: Moneyweek Magazine sees "the biggest financial storm of our lifetimes". Five: George Soros says what he always says. And most worrisome: Investment experts say the worst is over.

Simple Choices: The only way to save the bluefin tuna from extinction may be to domesticate the species - or say industrial fishing experts. Could we try not catching and eating them?

Speaking The Language: Countrywide claims it was not attempting to bribe anybody, it was just trying to incentivize members of Congress.

Say 10 Hail Marys: The Supreme Court has rewarded Exxon by cutting its fine for ruining Alaska by 80%, saying that the punitive damages were not part of common law. On that basis, I would think that the Emancipation Act was not constitutional, being a deviation from existing common law. Wouldn't want to change any laws, strict constructionism at work.

Half Again: Last winter natural gas cost $8 per dekatherm. Forecast for the 2008-9 heating season is $12 a dekatherm. If you're going to get hot under the collar about this, wait until next January when you can use the heat.

Bedfellow: Maybe Obama is making a change; GOP Senator Gordon Smith is running an ad in which he brags about working with Obama to improve fuel efficiency requirements. Don't tell Karl.

Hint: The United Arab Emirates, noted producers of oil and natural gas, are planning to transition to atomic energy within a decade. Wonder why?

Porn O'Graph: A crude (oil) bell curve, illustrated.

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Anonymous said...

UAE is doing what the stupid envio's won't let America do. You reap what you sow.