Monday, February 9, 2009

SAR #9040

The word "credit" derives from credo, i.e. faith. Hellasious

Something in the Water: The passage from Bush to Obama didn't change the basic bait-and-switch that's behind the electoral promise. Bush was a compassionate conservative who turned out to be a heartless neo-con. Obama promised change and is delivering business as usual. Maybe it's in the White House water.

Real Tales: Same-store sales fell at Neiman Marcus 24%, Saks 24%, Gap 23%, American Eagle 22%, Penny 16%, Kohl's 13%, Dillard's 12, Macy's 4.5%, Nordstrom 11%, and so on.

Energy Costs: A high incidence of cancer is being found in an aboriginal village near the massive oil sands mines in Alberta. Health officials say there was no cause to be alarmed unless it spreads to non aboriginal inhabitants.

Safe at Home: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack believes a single agency should be created to oversee US food safety, an undertaking now not done by a number of agencies.

A Plague on Both: In order to get just 3 GOP votes the Dems had to settle for far fewer job creating school construction funds, less health care and food for the unemployed and little help for bankrupt states. Then they had to smile and give the still employed and businesses bigger tax cuts. They have no shame, neither the one nor the other.

Subtlety: At first glance, the Obama foreign policy, as expressed by VP Biden, is little different than that of the Bush Administration. It's not much different on second look, either.

The First Hit's Free, Kid: In an attempt to addict ever more workers into paying mortgages on overpriced homes, the government is now going to give them up to $15,000 to start the habit. How does moving to a different house down the street create jobs?

Sound & Fury: 8 states have resolutions pending seeking state sovereignty under the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution. The audience is getting restless.

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime: Now that we've gotten used to saying "recession", it's time to practice saying "depression". It doesn't look like one? You expect soup kitchens and guys selling apples? Over 30 million Americans are on food stamps (SNAP!) which cuts down on standing in soup lines. As for the apples, how many garage sales are there in your neighborhood every weekend?

Soon: The US military is citing low oil prices as a reason to extend the US presence in Iraq, claiming the Iraqis will not have sufficient funds to train and equip its forces.

Educational Play: Get you kid her own airport screening station, Playmobil's Security Check Point ($62). Comes with wands, metal detector, x-ray belt, racial profiling guide, handcuffs and Mace. Sorry we missed it before Christmas.

Asked and Answered: Is China Immune to Crisis? No.

US Plans to Loosen Looting Lending: Hoping to jump-start the financial system, the Fed's got a new plan under which hedge funds will get to game the system and make off with billions. Meanwhile the effort continues to get banks to lend to people who have "pre-consumed" their income for the next ten years already and soon won't have jobs. Can't be done. Or at least shouldn't be.

Negotiating: The Senate insists on its version of the stimulus bill in conference with the House; politics as the art of the impossible.

Road Map: If we do not fix the system, the future holds either inflation or default by the US (but I repeat myself), as it follows in Robert Mugabe's footsteps. And the US is not alone; printing presses are being cranked up around the world. Without serious reform we will cycle ever more quickly from bubble to boom and an eventual dissolution into civil disorder in which today's governments will be replaced. Perhaps we should join Tom Paine under a convenient tree...

Commies: China announced that it will provide universal health care to its people within the next two years. What's the point of being communist if you don't get free health care?

Porn O'Graph: Employment under two randomly selected presidents.


Anonymous said...

"Sound & Fury" unfortunately for the current crop of US Citizens this issue (states rights) was finally settled in the Federal Governments favor at the point of a bayonet back in 1865.

Anonymous said...

"Sound & Fury" unfortunately for the current crop of US Citizens this issue (states rights) was finally settled in the Federal Governments favor at the point of a bayonet back in 1865.