Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SAR #9264

Our resources are limited; time is a resource.

Us or Them : If we don't send more cannon fodder to Afghanistan, we will end up surrendering control of the country to corrupt tyrants of the Taliban's choosing instead of corrupt tyrants of our choosing. Those who will need an alibi are working on getting one. If, after 8 years, the US military cannot win in Afghanistan – a country whose GDP is less than Goldman Sachs gives out in bonuses – I think the rest of the world has already drawn the appropriate conclusion.

Depends: How many banks have failed this year? (a) 94 or (b) 3,711? The answer depends on whether you count corporate names or places where you could do your banking.

Unbelievable: AIG – which only exists because the taxpayer put $183 billion under their pillow – is back at it again. Again, because AIG has already come crying to the Treasury and lowered the amount they'll pay back and limiting the oversight that our $183 billion bought. Now they want to once more lower the interest rate on their salvation. Correct that: Believable. Where's the rope?

Good, and Good For You: First they said that Activa was going to strengthen your immune system and help you poop better. Now Dannon says that if you'll fill out the paperwork they'll send you a little something for your wallet – a claim that's backed by a court.

Economic Insight: Paul Krugman on the stimulus: “The trouble is, we really have no road maps. The only model is the Great Depression itself.” That “was ended by a very large spending program known as World War II and we don’t really want to repeat that.”

Damned Either Way: Diverting today's foreign aid from economic development projects to projects designed to decrease global warming will endanger the lives of 4.5 million children. But it may save far more than that over the next 50 years. Choices, choices.

Asked & Answered: What's fueling this recovery? Government deficits. The federalies

have spent trillions and you didn't even get a Government Sacks tee shirt.

Vocabulary: A growing number of homeowners are looking ahead, see that the ever rising waters will swallow them up as house prices continue to decline, and simply stop paying the mortgage. They get free rent for quite a long while before the banks get around to actually evicting them. The word's 'strategic default'.

Shhh, It's A Secret: Turns out all this 'saving' the customer is accused of doing instead of buying stuff and helping the economy isn't saving at all. Silly buggers are paying off their credit cards. How's that going to help?

Two In A Row: The Dems were elected to do something for the people, not so the Dems could kiss up to the GOP or to give ever more money to Wall Street. Congress should pass a health care reform bill that includes a public option. The public doesn't care about Bush's deficits, or the ongoing cost of fighting unnecessary wars, and they won't give a hoot about the costs. And when they hear that the GOP is against letting people live healthier lives, they'll vote in even more Dems next time. Get to it. Fifty-one is enough.

One Per Customer: Funny, it turns out that if you buy in car in August, you don't tend to buy one in September. Or October, November or December.

Hear, Piggy Piggy: The WHO says that swine flu “could kill millions unless rich nations give $1.5 billion” for antiviral drugs and vaccines. If there's not that much vaccine available, several countries are willing to accept cash. No one is making a similar offer for the estimated one-third of Americans who will contract H1N1 in the next few months.

Bailing Out: The government – thourgh Fannie, Freddie, FHA and Ginnie Mae own about 90% of all US house mortgages. Something like 40% are underwater. Prices are going to fall at least another 25%, with millions more foreclosures. As many as 75% of mortgagees will be underwater on their loans. How are you going to make good on your neighbor's mortgage if you can't make good on your own?

Not Necessarily The News: Only those in the top 1% have increased their incomes over the last 40 years. Whistle a happy tune.


fajensen said...

The WHO says that swine flu “could kill millions unless rich nations give $1.5 billion”

Ah Gawd! Call the Waaahbulance then!!

Everyone here (DK) *has already had it*, lasts about a week, I coughed on my money also just to spite the whiners.

The H1N1 virus is so weak that "the Authorities" will end up being stuck with millions of doses of the barely-tested mercury-laden "vaccine" that nobody her will want. I wonder who they will inject it into - poor people, probably. As a Free Gift. Since the UN is now begging for it ....

Anonymous said...

RE: One Per Customer:

Can someone say "pulling demand forward"?