Thursday, September 24, 2009

SAR #9266

It's never too late. Maybe it is.

High Noonish: The War Lovers demand more troops for Afghanistan (fast becoming the only war they have),but Obama seems tempted to stand up to them.

Obfuscation: Bof A is apparently trying to pull a fast one on the taxpayers. 'Apparently' because the numbers and conditions for paying back the government loans and guarantees gets more than a little confusing. The contract said BofA could “negotiate in good faith as to an appropriate fee...” and Bof A feels the 'appropriate fee' should be paid out of petty cash.

Troublemaker: Reports claim China is supplying gasoline to Iran, which will probably cause the US to frown mightily.

Throat Clearing: In what might be taken as a reminder to the world that it is still around, India has launched seven satellites into orbit, one of their own to surveil things like the weather and Pakistan, and six for various universities.

Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Obama wants a worldwide end to government subsidies to fossil fuel producers. It was not immediately clear if this means ExxonMobil will have to start paying for their own oil wars.

Sky, Falling: Kuwait's Burgan oil field, the world's second largest, will reach the abandonment stage within 10 – 20 years. The same fate awaits most super-giant fields including Ghawar. The worldwide decline rate is now 6.7%/year and increasing.

Forecast: Large numbers of postponed foreclosures will soon be entering the marketplace. As of July, 1.5 million houses were in the foreclosure process, foreclosure had not begun for 1.2 million houses for which payments were least 90 days past due, and foreclosure had not begun for over 200,000 houses for which no payment had been made in over a year.

Career Guidance: You might want to consider carpentry, farming or gardening, sewing, weaving, plumbing, canning. Also, making friends with a doctor, a dentist and a butcher and baker would not be amiss.

Duhh: The headline reads “Commmods rally won't last unless demand recovers.” I'd like to add that if we had some ham we could have ham and eggs if we had some eggs.

Another Chapter: In 2005 the Bush administration favored the financial industry with the Debt Enslavement Act which made it much harder for ordinary folks to file bankruptcy. Filings dropped substantially, from 6,339 per day to 2,372 per day. Now the rate is back to 5,593 per day.

Warm-Ups: Warm water from the Gulf Stream is eating away at Greenland's outflow glaciers from below, causing them to flow into the sea faster than any time on record. Waters at 39F (4C) have been found deep inside the fjords.

Winnig Losers: More corporate debt will default this year than ever before. Companies in the consumer-discretionary sector lead in the default-rate race.

Surface Tension: It seems likely that those who produce the basics will continue to be far more necessary than those who don't, and that there will be an ever-growing group that is not needed at all. Except as each other's customers, playing tea party.

Tax on Stupidity: I've long thought that lotteries were a tax on the numerically challenged, mostly targeting the poorer among us. But sugar-laden soft drinks may be worse, all round. It doesn't make wasting money on lottery tickets a good idea, just shows there are worse things we do to our selves. Want to talk about bottled water?

Porn O'Graph: When did you get your first credit card?


Demetrius said...

Given the way the banking boys and governments have been behaving, for an ordinary guy to spend a dollar or two on a decent State lottery is probably the most sensible form of investment in present conditions. At least you have hope, all I get from Coke or some such is a bad dose of wind.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be peeved CKM. Just what're we gonna see when you get right down rightyeeoosly mad about things...?

Or are you just too even a keel to get riled up about the current state..?

You quote the Molly but seem a bit too pat and happy to really put your gusto into it.

Maybe it's a enough to point out the level of farce without really gettin' angry. I mean age is ornery enough on it's own, right? Those damn grandkids can do well enough on their own account.

-- aitrader

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

airtrader - You don't get to see the anger because my editor keeps telling me the goal is to convert, not confront.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, subtlety. I see. Guess I'm just more of a brute. I leave subtle for the unengaged :-)

-- aitrader

fajensen said...

I notice that the Swedish soldiers are back from peace-keeping duty in Kosovo:

STOCKHOLM — Swedish police faced stinging criticism Thursday for failing to stop helicopter-borne gunmen from pulling off a Hollywood-style heist against a cash depot while blocking an air pursuit with a fake bomb.

Read more at:

If you cant get a job, its nice to have learned a useful trade instead ;-)

Now, imaging Obama pulling "the boys" back home from Iraq and Afgahinstan where they have spent all this time hanging out with dubious private contractor characters, learning the trade of extortion and violence.

Or closing "Camp Iron" in Kosovo, a country run entirely by the mafia; which, btw, includes the UN troops too, the most corrupt UN outfit ever!.

'tis great! So much "change"!!