Monday, February 7, 2011

SAR #11038

Sorry, folks, the world is going to hell faster than I can type.

Words and Deeds: In 2009, in Cairo, President Obama said, "America does not presume to know what is best for everyone." Why then is Hillary trying to impose an American non-democratic solution on the Egyptian democracy movement? Why does the US want to rescue the Egyptian regime from the righteous anger of its citizens, if not to hide the torture Mubarak's thugs have carried out in return for US Aid? Maybe we could invite some people from Tahrir Square to come give us lessons.

Headline Only:  'Business Does Not Need The American Worker.”

False Hope/Thin Ice:  Some computer climate models suggest that the loss of the remaining Arctic sea ice is not inevitable if mankind slows the emission of CO2 quickly and eventually stops completely. Which will happen right after the pigs get back from their latest flight.

Future, Tense:  Deutsche Bank predicts that nearly half of all mortgaged US houses will be underwater by the end of the year.

For Want of A Nail:  It won't make the Bernanke critics happy, nor will it satisfy those who want to blame the banks and the speculators, but the sad fact is that, per the IMF, the reason there are food shortages and high prices all around the world is that “we've had a huge global harvest failure.” The world is closer to a major famine today than it has been in decades because recent crop failures due to droughts and floods have reduced global food stocks dramatically.

Mighty, Fallen:  China to bid for US defense contracts.

Fear and Loathing:  Health care in the US is a gigantic scam, sucking up immense amounts of money while delivering far less that was promised. And it is the money, the profits, that motivates politicians to repeal the health care act – the fear of losing profit – even though Obamacare is almost certain to increase health care costs.  Health insurance companies all over the United States have already announced plans to raise premiums substantially because of the new law, even though their profits were up 56% in 2009, to over $12 billion in profits for the 5 largest insurers.

Wish You Were Here:  George W. Bush has canceled a planned trip to Switzerland for fear of being arrested for war crimes, specifically torture. He can still vacation in the Keys, next door to Kissinger.

Orphan Pleads Not Guilty:  Robert Benmosche says business should not rely on government for bailouts. As CEO of AIG, the company which got a $1182 billion bailout from the Bush administration, he should know. He added that AIG “does more business in Republican-leaning states as it signs up more reliable customers than those in “more liberal” areas.” 'Liberal areas' are those that complain about AIG execs giving themselves $123 million in taxpayer-funded bonuses as a reward for incompetence.

Wholier than Thou:  The Pope's organs are too holy to donate.

Cue Calliope:  Republicans are now promising to cut domestic agencies' budgets by 20% or $30 billion (marked down from $100 billion). Yep, another ride on the merry go round, going nowhere.

What's in a name?  Georgia state representative Republican Bobby Franklin has proposed a law requiring that the term "victim" – as in 'rape victim' – should not be used until someone is convicted of the crime. Until then she is just a rape 'accuser'. Same with 'accusers' of stalking, harassment, family violence and spousal abuse. The dead will remain victims.


Anonymous said...

RE: Cue Calliope

Didn't take very long to co-opt those died in the wool Tea Party types. did it?

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


Anonymous said...

Wholier than Thou:....

Why would anyone believe that the Organ Transplant Racket would operate any more honestly or ethically than the normal Healthcare Racket? (see Fear and Loathing:.... above.)

For starters isn't it obvious that the organs of the Poor and are more likely to end up in the Elite than in the Poor? This is a subject worthy of Taibbi or some other inquiring mind.

In any case, leave my organs in thanks. I find the thought of my organs ending up in a Gongresscreature or a Wall Street Racketeer and keeping them alive to continue their criminal activities absolutely sickening.