Friday, February 25, 2011

SAR #11056

This is nowhere near over, and won't be when it is.

Harmless: Remember the Luddites who said GM crops were dangerous? They were right. Senior plant and animal scientists have discovered that pathogens found in Roundup Ready GM crops cause spontaneous abortions and infertility in livestock. The pathogens could cause “significant disruption of domestic food and feed supplies,” and result in “a collapse of US soy and corn exports.”

Big Yawn: Another Federal District Judge has upheld the legality of the Affordable Care Act. Doesn't make a much noise when the wingnuts aren't shouting in triumph.

Motivational Speakers: The Providence, RI school district will terminate all 1,926 of its teachers on the last day of the school year, because the law says they have to give notice and the district is facing a $40 million shortage next year. Over the summer months they will try to find enough desperate souls to resume overcrowded classes with underpaid teachers come September. Bet this'll help the test scores.

The Grand Vizor Speaks: Goldman Sachs now says that the GOP's budget plan will damage their profits the economy.

The Prize: What is being decided in Wisconsin is whether anyone or anything that represents the American people will survive the corporate onslaught.

Happy Days: How does a 13% drop in house prices in the last six months support the claims of an improving economy? A modest rise in January existing home sales was achieved with another decrease in sales prices. Selling more for less was never a good business plan, especially in that foreclosure sales made up 26% of 2010 home sales, and sold for a third less than non-distressed houses. New houses sold at the lowest rate in damned near forever in January, achieving a 284,000 annualized rate.

Elsewhere: “Thai Police Free 14 Women From Illegal Baby-Breeding Farm In Bangkok”

Fairly Unbalanced: Fox News Boss Roger Ailes told a former News Corp executive to lie to federal investigators about Bernard Kerik. Lying to federal agents is a federal crime. Soliciting others to lie to the feds is at best impolite.

Nose/Face: Governor Walker's rush to cut $30 million at the expense of the public employees may cost the state $46 million. Somebody should tell him the idea was to drain the swamp.

Strategy: If John Boehner's goal is to embarrass the President and humiliate the Democrats by shutting down the government over the deficit, and the President and his party are unwilling to be humiliated, guess which side will get blamed for the inevitable government shutdown? (a) The Democrats. (b) Obama. (c ) Obama and the Democrats, or (d) All of the above.

Repeat After Me: Sometimes an increase in the price of a commodity is caused by an actual physical shortage, not just nasty speculators. Silver, in this instance.

Rank Has Had Privileges: General McCrystal's buddy General Caldwell has been caught mounting psy-warfare campaigns against visiting members of Congress. The operations, which are illegal, were executed over the protests of junior officers who didn't understand the mission.

On the Up and Up: The FHA reported that its REO inventory increased nearly 10% in December and is up 47.5% since December 2009. No wonder real house prices are back to 2000 levels and the NAR continues to overstate sales.

Editorial Revision: NJ Governor Christie would like to correct a misquotation. He was quoted as saying 'Unions are trying to break the middle class'. Actually, that should read “Unions are trying to break into the middle class.” We are sorry for the error.

Turnabout: More than half of America’s pets are overweight. So are their owners.

Big Sky Country: Crowds are gathering in Montana to protest “unprecedented GOP attacks on public services and education and laws that protect land, air, water and wildlife.” Y'think the GOPers misread the polls?

Porn O'Graph: Mother Hubbard's new house cupboard is pretty bare.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

re Harmless: Monsanto's reply to Huber's expressed concerns

Anonymous said...

RE: Rank Has Had Privileges

I fail to see the difference between this and what sales people do every day.


jfwells said...

RBM - Speaking as a former Psyop specialist (Panama, Gulf War 1), it is exactly like what sales people do every day. Modern propaganda and marketing are eerily similar. Only Weiden & Kennedy don't get to strp a set of loudspeakers on top of a Humvee to tell everyone to buy Air Jordans.

Anonymous said...

Harmless: ....

More progress from another of America's numerous Rackets. I'm waiting for ROUNDUP RACKETS.