Monday, February 6, 2012

SAR #12037

“The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.” Ralph Peters, LTC, USArmy, retired.

One Toke Over The Line? Is Greece finally going to end the pretense that the euro is a viable idea? Has Greece (and more importantly, the Greeks) finally been pushed far enough to let the German's out of the euro?

Can Anybody Say Libya 2.0: Secretary Clinton is calling on the "friends of democratic Syria" to put a stop to the bloodshed, now that Russia and China have given ØØAssad a despot's license to kill as many of his citizens as necessary to stay in power. .

Multiple Choice: “Is US democracy being bought and sold?” (a) Yes, (b) All of the above.

Karnack: President  Obama said the U.S. has a "very good estimate" of when Iran could complete work on a nuclear weapon,even though it hasn't started work on one yet.

Room to Let: By June of 2011 the demand for safe deposit boxes at Swiss banks was so high that a minimum balance of half a million Swiss francs was a prerequisite. Now the demand, especially in the region bordering Italy, has exhausted the banks supply of boxes and hotels are renting their out.

Libertarianism: Brazilian media report 78 people have been murdered in and around the northeastern city of Salvador since the start of a state police strike there five days ago. Ah yes, let us do away with the noisome interference of the state...

Porn O'Graph: Healthy job prospects.


Unknown said...

last i checked, libertarianism doesnt mean one foresakes law enforcement. sooo, what exactly is your point again??

Anonymous said...

So we're going to be just a little bit pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Extra! Extra read all about it... Liberal nut job redefines libertarianism. Get's plenty confused mistaking it for anarchism. Poor nut job just can't think with both sides of his brain.

Blissex said...

«Multiple Choice: “Is US democracy being bought and sold?” (a) Yes, (b) All of the above.»

Oh please this is silly and self-defeating implied moralism.

Perhaps some centuries ago some small towns in New England and the Lakes regions had some kind of uncorrupt democracy.

But for a long time USA democracy has been pay-for-play.

The big deal is that in the past few decades only business interests have been allowed to pay to play, while in 1940-1980 unions could also pay to play.

What matters in the USA is that competing interests be buying competing politicians, not the impossible dream of having uncorrupt politicians.

Blissex said...

«libertarianism doesnt mean one foresakes law enforcement.»

Really? So you are going to send the jackbooted thugs of big government to STEAL MY PROPERTY to pay for a state law enforcement service you want when I would rather be free to choose to hire my own law enforcement service in a voluntary bargain among willing individuals?


Anonymous said...

@blissex--only sending the local sheriff, and i promise he wont enforce ndaa :)