Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SAR #12038

Let's bomb Iraq Iran!

Pants On Fire!Frau Merkel again emphasizes that while “we want Greece to stay in the euro,' she even more wants them to implement the troika's demands. Greece is to cut 15,000 public jobs this year, 150,000 by 2015 – and remember the entire population is just 10 million. Also to be cut are the minimum wage and pensions. And more likely than not, politicians' throats if they go along with the Farulein's orders. The deadline for all this cooperation has once again slipped into the indefinite future, where a barber lurks, crew-cuts a specialty.

Let's Make A Deal: The bail-out-the-banks-and-forgive-them-their-crimes deal with Obama and the 46 or so little AGs seems to have come apart. Or maybe it was never as close to being a deal as the dealmakers leaked it to be. The sticking point seems to be the absolution -or not - of sins committed by MERS.

Salvation: The man that brought the blue screen of death to your computer says technology can save us from ourselves, prevent global climate change through geoengineering. What could go wrong?

An Apple For Teacher: After the failure of slide shows, film strips, movies, television, the VCR, DVDs and computers to revolutionize the educational process, replace the teacher, educate everyone and save money at the same time, the snake-oil salesmen are back. Today's answer is the iPad. One for every kid. Apple shareholders will thank you.

Clip and Save: Nationally, gasoline has gone up 19 cents a gallon and is expected to go up another 60 cents by May, peaking around $4.05 a gallon. Or perhaps the Iran thing will happen and along with it, $5 a gallon.

Compass Rose: If Clint Eastwood is to be out guide to 'the second half', I don't wanna go.

What Goes Around... The 125 million square foot, 55 story Bank of America Plaza in Atlanta is on the foreclosure auction block. Last appraised at less than half the $436 million it went for in 2006, the building's main tenant – Bank of America – continues to shrink even as it continues to foreclose on homeowners across the country.

Love Money & Marriage: Employment is down, wages are down, marriage rates are down. More among the poor than the rich, surprise.

Cut Price Cruising:Entertain your friends and neighbors – take all of them on a cruise - get paid to rent a cargo ship! GMI is kicking in $2,000 a day to help defray the cost of shipping stuff in its own ships. Not quite the way the business plan was drawn up.

Tradition: LTC Daniel Davis' report from Afghanistan confirms that the government lies to get us into wars and the military lies to keep them going. Next time will be different.

Porn O'Graph: Youth is wasted on the young.

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I'm Not POTUS said...

Maybe by the end of his second term, Newt could have help bring up the number of marriages by at least 2 if not 4. It will help at least among the rich.

Would we introduce the last one as the First Lady of the Seventh?