Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SAR 12080

You want slime with that?

Scratch That: The head of the World Health Organization warns that we have carried our obsession with cleanliness that even the most common infections are becoming untreatable.. Rather bluntly, she noted that every antibiotic ever developed was at risk of becoming useless, and that without effective antibiotics, modern medicine will come to an end. And there's no magic bullet under development.

First Do No Harm: A new law spawned by Republican controlled Pennsylvania prohibits doctors from finding out if fracking is responsible for their patients problems, prohibits doctors from telling their patients that fracking is responsible if it is, prohibits the doctor from telling any specialist treating the patient if fracking caused the problem, and further prohibits doctors from doing anything that would harm the profits from fracking.

Mean Averages: Thanks to the increasing inequality in the US, that while the average income in 2010 was $67,530, the median was only $49,445. That makes a difference when talking about housing or healthcare affordability. Mitt Romney, Bill Gates, and you are all standing in the same line.

Paradox: Conservatives favor smaller, less intrusive government, yet Rick Santorum claims to be a conservative. That he is, he is a conservative who wants the government to supervise your birth control practices (and stop you from having any), censor the internet and function as an extension of the church. His church. Most importantly he wants an America where you are free to believe exactly what he does.

Suicide Is Painless: Now you can get the Junior G-Man kit and data-mine your own computer – troll through your e-mails, photos, financial records, web browsing and search history and all the other documents – just like NSA does, and see if you are a threat to yourself.

Porn O'Graphic: Due process.

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kwark said...

Re: "First Do No Harm" Sadly, likely just the tip of the iceberg. As Pennsylvania is just the last to demonstrate, many state houses are little more than wholly-owned subsidiaries of various corporate interests so look for this to spread. As it is, states already look the other way when existing law is inconvenient for important sectors of the local economy. Hey, state government behaves just like Congress! Imagine that.