Saturday, March 24, 2012

SAR #12084

It ain't personal... it's just business capitalism.

A Fast One: Obama is going to "fast-track" that part of the Keystone XL pipeline that will run from Cushing, OK to the Gulf. That way the owners of WTI oil "stranded" at Cushing will be able to pump it down to Houston and sell it on the world market priced more like Brent.

Goodnight Moon: Citigroup has a new report out that claims that North America will become the largest provider of new energy during the next decade, due to "new technology".

Tactical Moves, Strategic Goals: The Republicans are beating up on women a) because they can and b) because they're Republicans, but also c) because getting the public used to having politicians make personal decisions for individuals is their ultimate goal. They don't say that, but look where this road leads. You (the woman, the public) do not know what is best for you, nor does the doctor (or scientists or other experts), only the GOP/government does. They dislike big government, want big brother.

Unexpectedly: February sales of new houses fell 1.6% m/m (instead of an expected 1.3% gain) and - unexpectedly - January sales were revised downward from a -0.9% miss to a 5.4% fall off a cliff.

Devil/Details: The Senate passed the misleadingly named JOBS bill, and the mainstream media toed the line, claiming it would help small businesses. Yep, it will help small businesses. It will help them evade even the lightest regulatory supervision by the government, letting them raise capital via the internet, avoid SEC fillings on stock offerings, etc, etc. It "might be the most pro-growth measure that this body will consider, perhaps this whole year." And that's a good thing if you want to see growth in fraud and ponzi schemes.

Asked & Answered: Are the good times ever coming back? If by 'good times' you mean the orgy of debt-fueled consumption that preceded the current recession, no.

Data Dump: The latest data shows that the US imported 8,224,000 bpd of crude oil and exported 38,000 bpd of crude oil, giving 8,187,000 bpd of net crude oil imports. Not exports. The US imports about 60% of the crude oil processed in US refineries - and then exports about 1 mbd (net) of finished oil products. This has been a public service announcement.

Shocker!: Minority communities have a higher percentage of underwater homeowners. Wonder how that happened.

Snidely, Whiplash & Co: BofA, realizing that a lot of folks stop paying the mortgage and keep living in the house for a year or two, plans on trying to get 'owners' who are at least 2 months behind on underwater houses to turn in their deeds in return for a one year rental agreement with an option for two one year renewals. Income vs no income for Bof A and the new renter doesn't have to pack up and move. But what sort of landlord will BofA make? Banks in general have not done a sterling job of keeping up their vacant REO properties.

Echo, What Echo? Two US oil majors want to build a pipeline across some of Afghanistan's most volatile regions, to bring Turkmenistani oil to Pakistan and India. Where have I heard something like that before?

Another Millstone: Google not only listens to your phone calls, now it plans to listen to the background noise on your calls and use that to select what adverts it will he advertising Google inundates you with.

Take That, Big Boy: India has told the US that importing oil from Iran violates no international law, and they intend to continue to do so.

Cue The Theme From Jaws: "Everything from "peak oil" to "no quick fix" is a thinly disguised attempt at government takeover of the energy sector, something the left has plotted since at least the 1930s. The left's goal is to shift control of a vital sector of the economy, and one that plays a crucial part in the lives of all Americans, into the hands of government." Funny, I didn't know all those oil men were Democrats.

Porn O'Graph: New homes, get'cha new homes...

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mike shupp said...

Well, shame on the Indians! If they want power, why don't they just build nuclear reactors?