Monday, May 7, 2012

SAR #12128

The Second Law of Thermodynamics bodes ill for civilization.

Hide In Plain Sight: Yes, yes. The socialists have taken over France, promising to reject austerity (and Frau Merkel). The extremists in Greece have done extremely well, promising chaos. Deutsche Bank says that hope for the current Greek bailout (contingent on austerity) is “very low”. But don't be distracted: Keep your eye on India, where one of the world's larger economies is slowing, with much of the burden falling on the poor (as usual). Another cycle of poverty, starvation and social unrest there will be on a scale to make Europe's problems anti-climactic.

Honey, I Shrank The Labor Force: If the same percentage of adults were in the workforce today as when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.1%. On Bush's first day in office it'd be 13.1%. Yet Obama managed to lower the employment rate in a month when half a million people quit looking for work.

Caution, Road Out: To date, the leaders of the Great Nation continue to ignore the bridge that has washed out just down the road, at mile marker January 2013. The payroll tax cut, investment tax credit, Bush's tax cuts, and the enhanced portion of unemployment insurance join hands and expire, just as "automatic" cuts in domestic and defense spending take effect. Fellas, we're gonna miss the money...

Change Is As Change Does:Egyptian military units have 'detained' 300 people following clashes between the citizens and the army. All you need know to understand the problem is that after overthrowing Mulbarak's military dictatorship, the country is now ruled by Field Marshal Tantawi - who may not have the most votes, but assuredly has the most guns.

Assault & Battery: Republicans in Arizona have eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood under terms of the “Whole Woman's Health Funding Priority Act.”

News You Can Use: The new rendition of renditioning is the near-global acquiescence to the US demand that subject other nations arrest and extradite to the US those of their nationals that the US claim have violated US law.

Pre-Packaging: If the FBI gets its way - and in these days of fear and insecurity it always does - providers of email services, social networks, instant messaging and much other software, will be required to insert surveillance backdoors on all their products and services. It's called "Communications Assistance," and the goal is to make warrantless surveillance ever so much easier.

Translate the Following: "The goal of military police conducting detainee operations is to provide stability within the population... US forces will compete with local populations for the same space, routes, and resources. The modular force’s ability to positively influence and shape the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of select populations is critical to tactical, operational, and strategic success."

It's a free country... Teenaged twins, sitting peacefully on their apartment balcony in Pearl, Mississippi, were arrested for filming police who were engaged in a shoot out in the parking lot down below them. They have been charged with disorderly conduct and the SIM card from their phones have been confiscated. Their court appearance is scheduled for May 17, and will be followed directly by a lawsuit against the police and the city.

Porn O'Graph: Postcard from the neighbors. Feel safer?

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Glad to see that 2nd Law make it into the discussion. Life is a terminal condition.