Friday, September 7, 2012

SAR #12250

If you’re going to lie, you should try not to be obvious about it.

Parse This:  The US, responding to charges that it tortured many more than the three individuals so far acknowledged to have been waterboarded, said that “only three were waterboarded in American custody.”  Define, please, 'custody'.  If CIA goons dragged someone to our friend Gaddafi's cellars or Assad's dungeons, said “Here, go to it.”  were they no longer 'in American custody'?

Over There:  The NYPD, having failed to find any Muslim terrorists in New Jersey after six years of indiscriminate spying, are opening an office in Israel, apparently to take notes and learn from the masters. 

Plot Lines:  Along with elderly Americans, small investors and the unwary, it now seems that Citigroup defrauded Abu Dhabi out of $4 billion? And 'Citigroup' is here defined as including Sandy Weill, the man “most responsible” for the repeal of Glass-Stegall.  The story also has subterfuge, high finance subterfuge, broken deals, and death by glider.   Soon to be a major motion picture.

Cowadice:  That’s the word to describe the gutless Democrats’ parroting the Republican party line that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel.

Charades:  Best I can tell, the new Draghi plan is to loudly trumpet that the ECB is here to save the day by making “unlimited bond purchases of 1 – 3 year bonds, without setting a maximum interest rate, without the protection of imposed seniority, but requiring “strict conditionality” - which would seem to mean austerity.  I'm having a hard time seeing how imposing austerity while letting governments go deeper into debt is going to solve anything, but then I'm not a central banker or an economist or con man and I don't see where the actual money is going to come from. Germany? Hah.

Clip & Save:  A Goldman Sachs memo predicts that “Spain will request a bailout on September 14th” Maybe that should read “has instructed Spain to request...:

Another Argument For A Single Payer National Heath System:  The Institute of Medicine reports that 30 cents of every dollar the US spends on health care is wasted.  Actually, their word was 'squandered' “through unneeded care, byzantine paperwork, fraud, fragmentation, and other wasteful practices”, to the tune of $750 billion a year – a number that may sound vaguely familiar.
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Anonymous said...

Re: Another Argument For A Single Payer National Health System

I took a health economics course once and read dozens of papers showing the same "squandered" healthcare expenditures. Prof at the time summed it up nicely, "Healthcare is incidental in the US, the goal is profit, one persons cost is another persons income"

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