Monday, December 3, 2012

SAR #12337

We are destroying the world around us, knowingly.

History Lesson: The 'fiscal cliff' is a political gimmick perpetrated by the GOP as a way of passing the Bush tax cuts ,knowing that their expiration would give them an opportunity to either make the cuts permanent or to paint the Democrats as the bad guys. Or both.

Specification: Until the vicious debt-austerity-recession cycle is broken by imposing significant losses on the private and public holders of Greek debt, no 'solution' will solve anything. So far the IMF/EU/ECB have tried to 'solve' Greece's problem by recidivisticly repackaging and re-branding the same placebic nostrums. Investors who lent the Greeks all rope should suffer for their bad judgment.

Comes the Dawn: The DoD's General Counsel says that ten years of useless warfare has led to the point where terrorism should be treated as a legal problem. The question of the White House's asserted authority to kill at will was not addressed.

Cow/Cabbage: “Over the past two decades, the financial services industry has become a pervasively unethical and highly criminal industry, with massive fraud tolerated or even encouraged by senior management.”

First Do No Harm: The 4.9 million barrels of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 Deep Water Horizon was an ecological disaster. The two million gallons of dispersant the EPA insisted be used to clean up the oil made it worse – 52-times worse. Call it a field test.

Go Organic, Young Man: Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest managed healthcare provider, has cited a number of dangers posed by GMOs and suggested its clients should avoid them.

Annoying: During the last three years, the federal deficit has fallen faster than any time since the end of WWII, from 10.1% of GDP to 7% of GDP.

Promises: Back in the Reagan years, the payroll tax (which is paid by the working class) was deliberately set higher than it needed to be and the extra money used to keep income tax rates on the rich much lower than they would otherwise have been. Now that the workers want their money back via their promised Social Security checks, the rich don't want to give it to them by paying higher taxes. It's the deal we made, and it's time for the rich to keep up their end of the deal.

Supporting Local Agriculture: One out of every four dollars spent on groceries in America goes to Wallyworld. In at least 37 metropolitan areas, it's 50% of grocery dollars.

Rules is Rules:The House GOP version of majority rule – requiring the majority of the majority - means that no bill can be voted on unless a majority of Republicans support it. So while there may well be enough Republicans willing to break ranks and vote with Democrats to pass a bill, it's not going to happen. This prevents a bipartisan majority from even getting to vote on, much less pass, legislation. Too clever by half.

On Campaign Promises: John Boehner admits that he is “flabbergasted” that President Obama seems intent on keeping his campaign promises. An ethics investigation is promised.

Abandon All Hope... Green energy sounds like a great idea. But until it is competitive with fossil fuels it won't be competitive. And it won't be competitive until most the oil, coal and natural gas are gone and the remainder has become ridiculously expensive. And by then it won't matter.

Holy, Holy, Holy: Scot DesJarlais (R-TN), a paragon of right-wing anti-abortion, pro-family rhetoric who admits to multiple extra-marital affairs and to pressuring one of the women to having an abortion, now says that it is okay for him to continue in office and to continue to spout his hypocrisy because “God has forgiven me.” Whether his ex-wife or any of the mistresses have wasn't immediately known.

Porn O'Graph: The debate goes on, they say.

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Anonymous said...

"We are destroying the world around us, knowingly"

Indeed YOU are. Everytime you write an article defending the actions of Barack Hussein Obankster, you help drive a stake ever DEEPER into the heart of everything & anything that ever made this country good. Way to go!

Thankfully for people like me who absolutely HATE war crimes, financial fraud, torture, murder, rape, lies & mayhem this is a GOOD thing because it means that the reign of the Degenerate Perverts (aka "Americans") is soon coming to an abrupt END.

I now return you to your utter & complete moral & financial collapse. There will be no further commercial interruptions. Enjoy!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Pomises, promises. ckm