Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SAR #12360

We elected these people, most of them more than once.

Silver Lining: Obama wants to cut Social Security because he's sure that if you can't afford chicken you'll buy catfood – the idea behind chained-CPI - and your poor nutrition will shorten your life which will cut the cost of Medicare. Win win.

When You're Right, You're Right: Berlusconi claims that Deutsche Bank lead the effort to replace him with Goldmanite Mario Monte. Well, 'claims' isn't the right word.

Anticipation: Nearly every coral reef in all of earth's "slowly souring seas" will be dead or dying by 2100 if we keep on keeping on, and we're keeping on keeping on.

In The Beginning: “The top American commander for the US military in Africa, General...” Really, we have enough troops and enough treasure to expand our wars to yet another continent? How much 2-4-D will this take, how many drones, how many civilian lives?

Your Mileage May Vary: The prices you get online depend on where your ISP is located, your browsing history, the personal stuff the site can lift off your computer and quite possibly the phases of the moon, along with the platform you are using and how much the website thinks they can get away with. Sort of like the car salesman looking at your shoes.

You've Been Warned: In the US you are never more than 110 miles away from a McDonalds. Never.

Liar's Poker: "Iran has reserves of nearly 600 billion barrels of petroleum," , Petroleum Minister Rostam Ghasemi said with a straight face. He also said Iran has enough petroleum to last for 150 years, assuming the US sanctions last that long. Note: The EIA says Iran has about 137 billion barrels of proven reserves. Jumped from 59 to 92 in 1986 with no new discoveries, then in 2001 jumped from 99 to 130, again with no new reported discoveries and in 2010 its reserves once more increased, this time to 151 and now suddenly it claims "nearly 600". Define ‘near’.

Any Day Now: The deficit hawks have been threatening us with inflation, if not hyper-inflation, for over four years now. When are they going to start being embarrassed? If evidence does not matter to them, they should not matter to us.

Trail of Tears: In the last three years, 260 Chicago school kids have died from gunshot wounds. No round-the-clock news coverage. No national address from the President with tears. No rush to pass legislation. Business as usual.

No, Really? The FBI investigated the Occupy movement as if they were criminals or domestic terrorists. And they said the spirit of J. Edgar was dead.

Goal Seeking Behavior: If the conservatives really wanted to reduce the deficit they would be open to tax increases. They are not. What they want to reduce is not the government's deficit, it's the government. Period. They can't get the citizenry to go along with killing off Social Security and Medicare and the rest, so they plan on whittling, whittling, whittling and eventually there won't be anything left to save. And austerity is their preferred path.

The Last Shall Be First: The very coldest corners of our planet are heating up the quickest, which doesn't portend well for low-lying islands and seacoast cities.

Essay Topic: Does drug-testing welfare recipients increase the crime rate?

The Parting Shot:


A river runs through it…


Demetrius said...

Ice melt. Will Washington DC become a second Venice? Or a second Ostia?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

More Venice than Ostia, if the waters rise, but Venice was deliberately built and we're more looking at a series of Atlantises sunk by misadventure. .ckm

Matte Gray said...

I had to look up 2-4-D, and when I Googled it, one of the first hits described it as a "plant growth regulator". Ummm yes, regulated with extreme prejudice.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Matte - Think "Agent Orange."