Monday, January 7, 2013

SAR #13007

It is more effective to tell people how they might improve rather than to point out how stupid they have been.

Rehearsals: Mitch McConnell, not having learned anything from the fiscal cliff fiasco, now threatens to force the US into default because – in his rather questionable opinion - “ the biggest problem facing the country is our excessive spending.” Actually, the biggest problem is Republicans, followed closely by the lack of jobs. McConnell also things he is going to force the Democrats to “adjust the entitlements...” by which he means cutting Social Security and turning healthcare back to the loving hands of the insurance industry. Obama says he isn't going to play that game. We'll see.

The Forever After: In its war on Pakistan, US drones killed at least 10 people on Sunday, some of whom will be identified as Taliban or terrorists or something like that.

Key To The Kingdom: The hoohah about a trillion dollar platinum coin is simply a way the administration could dance around the debt ceiling (and the Republican obstructionists). It does not solve anything. And it isn't a way to 'do away' with the national debt. Return to your lattes.

Incomplet Truth: Roubini claims that the US has been let down by its leadership, because "a deal that extends unsustainable tax cuts for 98% of Americans is no victory" Agreed, but when and how does he propose we get down off the tiger?

Homeland Security: Senator Lindsey Graham (Likud, SC) says that Chuck Hagel's nomination to be Secretary of Defense is unacceptable to Israel. Republican Senate Leader Mich McConnell agrees, saying that Hagel “ ought to be given a fair hearing like any other nominee, and then rejected.”

One Up: Turkish legislators passed a new law making criticism of their markets a criminal offense punishable with five years in prison. Wall street is envious.

Discuss: Robert Reich proposes: (a) The first $25,000 of income should be exempt from Social Security taxes altogether, and (b) we should make up the difference by eliminating the ceiling and making all income, earned and unearned, subject to Social Security taxes. Personally I'm against (a) and in favor of (b).

It's Not Over When It's Over: After they declare the war over, the US plans on leaving 9,000 soldiers in Afghanistan as targets for the Taliban.

Third Time's A Charm: The UK, edging back into the third in their current cycle of recessions, reports that the service sector - which accounts for 75% of their economy - is shrinking for the first time since 2009. Another round of austerity, that's the thing!

Up, Up & Awry: Natural gas would be a fine an acceptable replacement for coal in electrical generation if 9% of it didn't leak straight into the atmosphere. Scientists calculate that the break-even point would be a somewhat less than 3.2% leakage rate.

War Without End, Amen: There is no indication that the War on Everyone Who Doesn't Do What We Want Terror is ever going to end. Certainly the administration is planning for 'disposal operations' to continue for at least another decade. If you think that our killing people and locking them up indefinitely is going to be kept outside the US, you do not understand the attraction that unlimited power with limited accountability holds for egos driven to seek fulfillment through politics. Not to mention the support of those with a vested interest in the profits that come from an endless, lawless war. They're preparing for more endless wars; their actions are fueling that war; and they continue to reap untold benefits from its continuation. Only compulsion from the citizenry can change this trajectory.

Stupidity, Inc. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that no background checks should be required for the purchase of semi-automatic assault rifles because “it’s about freedom.”

The Parting Shot:


Eastern red cedar.


Tulsatime said...

So the rethugs and their bagger auxillery are latched onto the loco strategy, hoping to add more crazies than they lose sane folk. I guess since the Muslim negra grammaw killer didn't rape all the white women, Mitch is gonna have to shift tactics. I see a feigned concern for the fiscal integrity of this great white chrstian land, facing down the colored, homosexual, and atheist liberal hordes.

The die is cast, sides must be choosen. This great nation, before gawd, hangs in the balance. Will we be great, or will we be dragged into the the flop houses of....blah blah blah.

Sorry, I made myself sick with the thugspeak. You get the general idea.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

TT - While I am not a fan of your 'thugspeak', I think you frame the question confronting the Rs accurately. They seem unalterably committed to a philosophy that has been rejected by the majority of the electorate, just as they explicitly have disowned that majority.

Absent support of the majority - which they cannot help but note they do not have - they have but two choices, they could change their stance and abandon their niche market - the rich and privileged - or they can continue to (at least clam to) support the few at the expense of the many and try to pass it off as a matter of principle.

It seems clear to me that they are so committed to a politically unattractive philosophy that they have no choice but to put on a major show of whatever force they can muster, both to save what little pride they possess and to keep their rich backers. It is a doomed effort and I think it may be the last major spasm of a once great and respectable political brand. - ckm

OkieLawyer said...

Re: Discuss

Or my take on the Social Security question:

Social Security as a National Pension.

TulsaTime said...

I just think it is very thug like to always speak in code, to manufacture offense and outrage for political gain, to drape the most outrageous of intentions in blatant lies.

Death Panels, Yellowcake, Valerie Plame, Birth Certificates, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, No Fly Lists, Indefinite Detention, Black Prisons, War On Terror, Gay Muslim President, Defense of Marriage Act, Patriot Act, no bankers in jail (pending).

c'mon guys, this is not a 50's anti-communist serial crime drama

Anonymous said...

CKM3 said "Personally I'm against (a) and in favor of (b)."


i agree entirely

all the bush tax cuts should have been left to expire

on my best day ( year) i made 50k

as an older person, retired,but less than 65, i live off of investments..about 25k (yeah i know i aint rich but i own my own house and im "free" at an age earlier than 65...and i am willing to pay more in taxes to set things straight

we all have a responsibility to pay for all the stuff thats been put on the national credit card

no i didnt agree with the war in iraq or a free medicare part D but we all bear a responsibility for the countries expenditures

best wishes
mock turtle

Anonymous said...

CKM# said ," Stupidity, Inc. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that no background checks should be required for the purchase of semi-automatic assault rifles because “it’s about freedom.”


im a lifetime member of the NRA and i say jim jordans comments are beyond stupid

btw, i am against gun registration because it potentially leads to confiscation and i believe an armed citizenry is insurance against the rise of a stalin or a hitler

however...nobody...NOBODY...should be able to buy , receive in exchange,or be gifted etc any firearm be it a long gun or pistol, semi-auto or not, without a complete background check..period

additionally all those who own and posses firearms must own a "safe" or equivalent and be responsible for reasonably securing the guns they own against theft or unwarranted use

if we did these two things adam lanza would have been far less likely to have ben able to commit the horror

mock turtle