Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SAR #13022

When you get to the point where you just can't go on, do what you did the last time you were there.

Obama's Speech: The last President who tried to inject a little realism into the discussion was Carter and looked what happened to him. Others are more enthusiastic. Last time I checked it was not words, but actions, that counted - and surrender is not the required action.

Suggestion: "It might be worth considering ,on Martin Luther King Day, the power and nature of the forces that opposed King’s vision for social and economic justice – and still do."

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: A report from West Point has angered the far right by observing the " dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating from individuals and groups who self- identify with the far-right of American politics.” The military should, the right-wingers insist, concentrate on international threats. Maybe they should read the oath of office taken by Army officers.

Let Us Prey: Records just released confirm that in 1986-7, the Archbishop of Los Angeles conspired with a top adviser to conceal priests' molestation of children from police. They succeeded in hiding the crimes for 15 years, hallelujah.

The Sea Also Rises: One slice of the future will resemble Sandy, another the 2012 drought, another the wildfires, and so on. Our carbon dioxide emissions continue to exceed the worst-case scenarios of climate scientists. Rising sea levels and storm surges will reshape every U.S. coastline, where half of Americans live. Should we rebuild, or retreat? How far do we run before we decide to make a stand?

Where's Waldo: Harry Reid (D-NV) has decided not to push for changes in the Senate filibuster rules because he wants “to avert a partisan showdown”. What planet is he from?

Take A Number: How long will it take the US to hand over the 300 tons of gold the Germans have asked for? Seven years. Why will it take seven years? Well, the stuff is heavy and the bank is unionized...

Quote: “It has become clear that there is no safe and responsible way to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean.” - Carol Browner (Obama's former Energy Czar) and John Podesta (Clinton's former chief of staff).

How Dry I Am: Droughts can no longer be viewed as something that happens now and then. Droughts are becoming the new normal and are not going away. The current one, the one we think of as 'last year's drought' actually started in 2010, and shows little inclination to go away. And even if it does, its effects will linger for years. Ask the trees, the water table, the farmers.

It's Still A Dream: At least five people were shot along the route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in New Orleans. We may overcome, someday.

Leveling The Preying Field: Oxfam says that world poverty could be eliminated four times over with the money the richest 100 people made just last year - $240 billion. Just. Last. Year. What's wrong with this picture?

If, Then Maybe Then: Fish being caught near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants “are just as contaminated today with cesium 134 and cesium 137 as they were more than one year ago”.  This “implies that cesium is still being released to the food chain”. Which in turns suggests... ah, they'd tell us, wouldn't they?

On the Head of a Pin: Is it moral to profit from hunger and starvation? If you are Goldman Sachs, does the answer change?

Greening Up: Electricity generated from solar photovoltaic arrays now meets 5.6% of Italy's total electric demand. Together PV, hydropower, geothermal, and wind generation, Italy produces 25% of Italy's electric power. In other areas they're not doing quite so well.

Porn O'Graph: Putting it crudely.

The Parting Shot:


Under the bridge.


Demetrius said...

Take A Number. Gold plating all that tungsten they are going to palm off cannot be done overnight.

rjs said...

cant make out whatever it is youre seeing under the bridge, ckm...

water rolling over iron colored rock?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

More or less correct, rjs. My patch of woods is pretty un-photogenic of late, but I've found the patterns of light bouncing off the creek as it flows down the bedrock interesting. I don't think it's iron-rich, I think that the coloration comes from some form of vegetation, but the water's too cold to go sticking my hand in.

They may be a couple more of this sort of picture this week, because at noon here today it is 17 degrees and I'm not going out there!

TulsaTime said...

I just love a creek, always had to build a dam in the nearest creek when the family went on vacation.

The catholic church risks turning into a continuing criminal operation. There is no other organization that could establish that record of child abuse and endangerment and not be closed as a public danger.