Thursday, August 1, 2013

SAR #13213

The real threat from terrorism is... the over-reaction it provokes.      James Fallows

He Said/They Said: While NSA Director Keith Alexander was complaining that he couldn't even intercept his daughters' emails, The Guardian was publishing training materials for NSA's XKeyscore program that will allow analysts to do just that - “it collects nearly everything.” In real time. Down the hall, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee said it was all a lie. Whether he was talking about Snowden or Alexander was unclear.

Invitation To The Dance: The Egyptian cabinet has ordered the security forces to end the pro-Morsi sit-ins and to clear the squares of their encampments. They communique did not actually use the word 'kill', but you - and they - get the idea.

Dollar Foolish: CIT Group, a major commercial lender, has 'abruptly stopped funding' some merchandise shipments to JCPenny stores. Clearance sales, clearance sales?

Democracy In Action: Texas Republicans, as a way of acknowledging her use of the democratic process, want Wendy Davis to pay the $2.4 million costs of the special session that had to be called in order to deprive uppity Texas women of their basic rights.

Commitment: BP Chief Bob Dudley, explaining that BP's commitment to profits is a lot stronger than its “commitment to the Gulf”, says the company will refuse to reach a settlement with the US over claims stemming from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. He says they, and their lawyers are “digging in for the long term.” 
Living The American Dream: 80% of Americans will be faced with joblessness, poverty, or dependence on social welfare programs for at least some part of their lives. Y'know, the lazy, indolent, shiftless 80% of us.

Doing The People's Work: House Republicans voted, once again, to defund ACORN – which does not exist and has not since 2010. But once you advocate socialist and commie programs like neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care, and affordable housing, it becomes a right of passage for young Republicans to spit on the corpse.

Asked & Answered: “What kind of Justice system refuses to test DNA evidence? And choses to ignore DNA evidence that clears the convicted? Right, ours. On both counts of the indictment.

Another Thing: No wonder the republicans want to kill Social Security – it works. It is, “ by far, the most effective anti-poverty program in the US.” Without their Social Security, another 25 million Americans would be stuck in poverty in their old age. Anything that makes the government look good has either got to go or got to be privatized. It's the GOPsell.

Porn O'Graph: Les Miserables.

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