Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SAR #13225

If there is a real threat serious enough to force the US to close its embassies for a month, then the other guys have already won.

Rank Amendments: Seems the Second Amendment is the only one Republicans want to keep – except for the one about religion, as long as it's clear that Religion means Protestant Christianity. Limiting the NSA's trammeling of our freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, and especially the freedom from warantless searches would “slow down the efficacy and efficiency of our counterterrorism investigation.” Adding that “We cannot afford to have [the secret courts] become a debating society,” Ha, bet you didn't study the secret footnotes when you took Constitutional History, did ya?

Single-Payer, Argument For: A man has been denied a life-saving bone marrow transplant because his insurance payment check was for $518.00, not the $518.26 that was due. The insurance company was sorry, but they could not make an exception or else everyone would cheat them out of two dimes, a nickel and a penny.

Eye Of The Beholder: Courts have ruled that any citizen may take pictures of police activity in public places as long as doing so does not interfere with the officers. In Los Angeles, “interference” includes filming within 100 feet from the incident. More than 100 feet if you have a decent telephoto lens.

OMG! Researchers who analyzed more than 60 scientific studies report that atheists consistently are found to be more intelligent than believers.

Definitions: The rampant fraud endemic in the housing boom leads experts to conclude that “mortgage-backed securities” were not backed by mortgages and most assuredly were not secure. That may help explain why – over a 20-year period – those sophisticated hedge fund investors have managed to bring home returns that are nearly identical to the returns on the S&P 500.

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tulsatime said...

I love that creek and those woods, reminds me of being a creek rat in my childhood.

The publicans seem to be afraid of their own shadow with the upcoming budget business. Perhaps sen mccain can give maverick lessons to the tea caucus, inject some levity into the process.

HS said...

Definitions- The money market option of my last Fidelity 401(k) contained up to 20% asset backed securities. Once again, Wall Street has determined how financially retarded the average American is and has dumped their garbage accordingly.