Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SAR #13253

Words Is Words: The Director of National Intelligence, the occasionally honest James Clapper , says NSA is not stealing secrets from companies around the world. It's just borrowing them for a little while.

My Girl: Senator Elizabeth Warren says that the US Supreme Court is a “wholly- owned subsidiary of Big Business”. Not news, but nice to hear that at least one Senator is on our side.

En Passant: In case you were wondering, no, Italy hasn't had an economic recovery. Either.

Mission Creeps: Ambassador Rice: "Our overarching goal is to end the underlying conflict through a negotiated, political transition in which Assad leaves power.” So from punishment and deterrence to regime change, the menu grows. Yet John Kerry says the US effort will be “limited, very targeted, very short-term” because “we're not going to war.” She works for him, didn't get the memo.

Glad You Asked: If the employment situation is getting better and better, why are withholding tax collections declining?

The Parting Shot:
Joe-Pye Weed, Eupatorium fistulosum.
A traveling day...


Ghost in the Machine said...

Small correction. Susan Rice is the National Security Adviser now and doesn't work for the State Department. Samantha Powers is currently the UN Ambassador.

Classof65 said...

I wish Elizabeth Warren would run for President in the next election. Many other women I've been in contact with feel the same...

Anonymous said...

Words Is Words: ....

Mebe wurds izn't wurds att al. Iff peepl missspled thinggss thenn maybe USSTASI culdn't figgur itt outt.


Gorge Bush Too

P.S. Wuz our childrun learnd yett?

Anonymous said...

My Girl: Warren

Until I see a contract signed in blood and unbreakable that she will not sell out, then hold off on my helping of Harvard Warren Hopium.

Past performance indicates that these creatures, like Obomber, talk the progressive talk when they have no power but once the power is gained the Sellout begins.