Monday, September 23, 2013

SAR #13259

Sorry for the delay in resumption, but somewhere along the way I picked up a hitch-hiking bug of some sort and am (1) in the hospital and (2) taking some lovely meds which (3) will delay my return to the trenches for about a week.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the meds are nice, but get out of the hospital as soon as possible. Home is safer.

I hope you get some great rest and get well soon.

Your blog is unique, and always welcome.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

i agree with anonymous on all points

Classof65 said...


Beemaster said...

Get well!
Your insights help focus my disordered mind. I need focus.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are better soonest!

Anonymous said...

i hope you get well soon

your blog is a gem

we miss you

best wishes

mock turtle

Thom Foolery said...

May you recover speedily! I miss your cynicism and photographs!!

Demetrius said...

My good wishes too, looking forward to your return.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Thanks for all the get well cards folks. I'm doing a bit of reading, but my concentration is not yet up to following Ted Cruz's logic...


Jesse said...

Good grief.

Been there done that.

Take care of your self.

If Ted Cruz starts making sense cut back on the morphine drip.