Thursday, April 2, 2015

SAR #15092

Americans are not usually thought to be a submissive people, but of course we are.” Wendell Berry 
Advise And Dissent: Republican Senators have sent a Cotton letter to whom it may concern – which is pretty much the rest of the world – to pay no attention to the US representatives at the upcoming UN climate talks because Obama's administration is not permitted to conduct foreign policy or negotiate treaties.

Theory: The NRA claims that co-eds wouldn't get raped if they had handguns. Or automatic weapons, say AK-47s.
Crusades: Madison, WI – with strong Unitarian support – has become the first city in the nation to ban discrimination against atheists. Deeper in the South, Tennessee's Republicans have delayed making the Bible the state book – for fear of demeaning The Word. Kentucky argues gay marriage ban not biasedthey don't care what color you are, if you are gay you can't get married. But straight men can't marry each other either. Legislators in the Irish Senate got a standing ovation as they passed a same-sex marriage bill. 
Thinning the Herd: US police killed more citizens in March than all police forces in the UK have killed since 1900. Of course there are a lot more blacks people in the US.

Stirring The Pot: The case for or against the TPP hinges overwhelmingly on whether you think allowing corporations to extract compensation for “lost profits” from sovereign states on the basis of “settlements” in so-called courts those corporations set up, and where the citizens of those states have no voice” Lambert Strether

People Are Money: Jeb Bbie is all in favor of PACs that can secretly collect unlimited amounts of cash, as long as they are supporting him because corporations have the right to buy votes, too. 
Money Talks: After Walmart told asked the governor to veto the newly passed “religious freedom” bill, he "sent it back for rewrite". Mirabile dictu!

Vocabulary: Indiana business says it won't discriminate, but won't cater a gay wedding either. This after Gov. Pence lied at least six times, claiming the law would not permit discrimination – which raises the question as to why the bill was needed. 
Bases? What Bases: Our Latin American neighbors want to remove all US military bases from their countries. What bases? Why bases?

Porn O'Graph: God's country.

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