Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SAR #15111

Just because things happen in slow motion doesn't mean they don't happen.

Skepticism: When you read “Six Minnesota men charged with conspiring to support the Islamic State “ didn't you immediately suspect the FBI planned the whole thing? All six of the 'terrorists' had been conspiring (most likely with an agent provocateur) for months. Details on how the brave agents of the FBI set up this batch of stooges were not imediately available. 
Piggy Banking: Greece is so low on cash to pay off the German bankers that the state has ordered local governments to turn in all of their funds to the the central government. This is generally the one of the last steps before the whole thing goes down the drain.

Truth: The Washington Post has informed all and sundry that the elite (which in this case includes the Washington Post) will lie, cheat and steal to pass the TPP – which is not about trade bugt about installing international corporations as the supreme rulers of the universe, able to leap local, state and national laws and to extract tax monies without ever bothering with a ballot box. 
Biology Rules: Iowa Republicans have killed a bill that would have terminated the parental rights of convicted rapists because the state should not stand in the way of a man's god-given right to rape his kids it was simply “feel-good” legislation. 
Just Wondering: If possession (and presumably use) of small amounts of marijuana is legal in your state, can an employer deny you a job if you test positive?

Sunk Costs:Greece would have been better off exiting the euro in 2010. You can make an even better case that Greece would have been much better off if it had never joined in the first place.” But they did, and here they are.

Solid As A Rocker: The Federal Reserve seems set to rule that the biggest Wall Street banks can count S&H Green Stamps some municipal bonds as part of the ready cash they must have to tide themselves (and their depositors) through a financial-market meltdown.

The Untouchable: AIPAC's Netanyahu has been given an additional two weeks (on top of the Constitutional 28 days) to find patsies to join him in forming a new government for Israel – most of the other parties don't want anything to do with him. He'd be better off asking Congressional Republicans to move to Tel Aviv. 
The Heartland: When the mostly black good citizens of Parma, MO elected a black woman as mayor, most of the (white) police officers resigned, along with the city attorneyand the guy that ran the water plant. Dog pound operations were not immediately affected. Or afflicted.
Unexpected Consequences: A San Antonio, TX woman, facing a $2,000 find for feeding the homeless, has invoked the state's religious freedom rules, arguing that it is exactly what her Christian religion tells her she must do. The District Attorney and State Representatives are expected to argue that the statue, and the Bible, do not cover the homeless or the hungry. Not in Texas.

One Down: Goldman Sachs director and convicted felon has lost his attempt to get the Supreme Court to kiss and make his two year sentence for insider trading go away. Too bad he – and a whole lot of his Wall Street buddies – wasn't imprisioned for crimes against humanity.

Editing: A Detroit police officer has been charged after videos surfaced of him beating the crap out of a suspect in custody. “To many people in this region and across this country … police brutality seems to be out of control,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said. Seems?

Porn O'Graph: Same old new record; look for the dark blue spot.

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Anonymous said...

Water plant manager, 5 of the 6 cops resign, and the mayor has been in office for 37 years. I expect all those men have cleared the state line and are now purchasing tickets to South American.