Thursday, December 24, 2015

SAR #15357

Christmas Eve, 2015
A Ted Cruz campaign rally in Nashville was transformed into a religious revival meeting encouraging those present to pray for Cruz to become President.
In Michigan, Republicans delayed adjourning for Christmas long enough to ban straight ticket voting, a moved designed to make it harder for voters to pull one lever and vote. It will mean each voter will have to read and vote for each position separately, which the Republicans hope will slow down the voting enough to discourage those in line while letting their dedicated zealots swamp the 'down-ticket' positions. They also passed a bill that will allow more money from outside the state to flood into local and state elections.
In Pocatello, Idaho, a school lunch lady has been fired for letting a broke child have a $1.75 lunch without paying.
Most Republican voters favor government actions to slow climate change. Most Republican politicians, needing donations from the fossil fuel industry and the Koch brothers, do not.
Without any explanation, a UK Muslim family, with appropriate tourist visas and passports etc, not to mention $13,300 in tickets for a vacation at Disneyland, has been refused permission to board a flight from Great Britain at the direction of US DHS.
Of the poorest 100 counties in the US, 93 of them are in solidly Republican states.
In Blountstown, FL a black woman who had sought treatment at the local hospital for breathing problems was stabilized and told to leave. When she didn't the cops were called, handcuffed and arrested her. She collapsed as they escorted her to a patrol car and died shortlyafter they rushed her back into the hospital.
Video released in the killing of an unarmed and prone homeless man shows the San Diego cop was nearly 20 feet away when he fired. The DA declines to prosecute, claiming the officer was reasonably in fear for his life.
Fox claims that liberals and atheists are "sucking the joy out of Christmas" by expecting tolerance for exercising their constitutional right to be free from government sponsored religion.
The for-profit prison business is booming in the US, and the probation system is being privatized in many places. Then there's the lucrative business of collecting back room and board fees from released prisoners.
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