Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SAR #15363

We pass laws to excuse our violations of the moral principles we pretend to have.
About That Recovery: If everything is so rosy, Janet, why is it that during 2015 nothing worked - not stocks, not bonds, not commodities. Not even a whole bunch of folks who don't get counted as unemployed.
The Harvest: During every day in 2015, American police shot and killed three of us. And every damned one was justified because the cops live in fear of 12-year olds.
Stop, Look & Listen: After extensive reports about a riot by up to 2,000 kids - implied to be black gangs - at a mall in Louisville, KY, not a bit of damage was done to the mall, no YouTube videos have gone viral, and even the mall's security cameras apparently do not have footage of the rampage, no shots fired, no injuries, no fights. What we do have is the reporting from one white cop.
'Nough Said: Chicago police union seeks to destroy evidence of police wrongdoing.
Evolution In Action: Our widespread (and often gratuitous) use of antibiotics is causing the rapid development of "super-bugs" resistant to even the most powerful drugs available. By 2050, absent any sudden and lasting change in the way anti-microbals are used, drug-resistant infections will kill more people than cancer and cost the world over $100 trillion a year in treatment, premature death and economic costs.
This Just In: Government social benefit programs and high tax regimes make us all better off while real-world evidence shows that great inequality slows a country's economic growth.
Mr. Market Is Broken: "Essentially central banks, by unfairly inflating asset prices have compressed risk like a spring to unfairly tight levels. Unfortunately, the market is aware the price of risk is not correct, but they can’t fight it, and everyone is forced to crowd into the same trade. By manipulating markets they have also reduced investors’ inherent conviction by rendering fundamentals less relevant." I think this means that they know it's all a hoax, but they gotta dance while the music plays.
Quoted: "The world is almost certainly a much worse place than any of us want to admit. And that’s before you’ve even left America. " Scott Alexander


Jesse said...

"This is a place for me to show off my thin talents - cynicism & snapshots."

I have been meaning to say that there is a decided lack of snapshots these days. Camera out for repairs? Love your pictures.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Did First Reader put you up to this? Not a resolution, but come the first I'll try.. ckm