Friday, December 14, 2007

SAR #7349

When you warn people about the dangers of climate change,

they call you a saint.

When you explain what needs to be done to stop it,
they call you a communist.

- George Monbiot

Mis Casa, Su Casa! Our close and special friend, King Abdullah has invited Ahmadinejad to Mecca for Haj. It is the first time an Iranian president has been an official guest of the Saudi Government. Maybe they'll hold hands and walk through the bluebonnets, talk about US oil security.

Renewable: Saturn's rings are about 4.5 billion years ago, forming along with the sun and planets. The ring particles are constantly recycled, breaking up and regrouping to form new rings. This is news because the old theory had something to do with dinosaurs. Don't ask.

Ornaments. Twenty-eight retired generals and admirals, helping put up the Christmas tree at home, have found their balls in a box of ornaments and now say the CIA must abandon harsh interrogation techniques. A little late to fool Santa.

Size Matters: State's worldwide diplomatic staffing will be reduced 10% next year. Not a budget cut, nor has peace and haramony broken out. Just the reverse - 10% of State's professionals will be exiled assigned to Baghdad and Kabul. We can't invade Iran - we haven't enough peacemakers.

Astonishing: One of the two US robots wandering around Mars has discovered something that suggests there once might have been conditions that could have sponsored life. What's really suprising is that we have two robots still wandering around Mars. Time flies.

e.e.cummings: We had just passed peak production in the 70's when OPEC taught us about limits. Had we only.... Instead we imported more and more, for 30 years. 30 years of increasing CO2, 30 years of population growth, 30 years of pointless consumption. 30 years of devoting the US economy to killing. Had we used those 30 years rationally...

Ready, Set, Go: If you want to understand motivation, generally follow the money. One worry about the Sovereign Wealth Funds is that they might not be in it just for the money. It would be ironic if the US neocon's insistence on privatization of government-owned companies all over the world ends up with governments from all over the world buying up US companies. The game of life is played with live ammunition

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