Thursday, May 8, 2008

SAR #8129

The poor will inherit the dearth.
Peak Oil News

Just Ask: The White House maintains that it has no copies of e-mails between administration officials during the weeks leading up to Bush's decision to invade Iraq nor for the first two months after the invasion. Why don't they just ask NSA for their copies?

Save $1.00: Next time you're at the grocery, take note of how many people have taken up couponing. Coupons are making a comeback and are a better gage of the economy than ladies' hemlines.

Ill Wind: The military dictatorship in Myanmar makes FEMA look good.

Memory Lane: Abu Ghraib was not just one cell or one corridor. Abu Ghraib was not just a handful of MPs clowning for the camera. Abu Ghraib was a US run concentration camp holding 10,000 prisoners in abysmal conditions. Abu Ghraib was a place of a systematic and horrendous abuse.

Bad & Worse: The bad news is gasoline prices are expected to keep rising. The worse news is that Congress is planning on doing something about it.

Roadkill: Wheat, corn, rice. Hundreds of millions of people are struggling to afford ordinary foods. Why? How did this happen? The free market happened. The free market as preached by the United States, the IMF and the WTO happened. Neo-liberal economists from Chicago tilting the board in favor of Big Ag and making poor peasants compete with subsidized US grains happened. What happened to the world's food supply is: We did. Drive on, nothing to see here.

Swimming Lessons: Over 50% of 2006's home-buyers are already underwater, and nearly as many 2005 and 2007 buyers are going under. It's not going to be so much 'walking away' as a stampede.

Check the Thermostat: Climate change is happening faster than the IPCC predicted, and now it seems likely the earth will be as much as seven degrees Celsius hotter by the end of the century. You do not want to know what that is in Fahrenheit.

As Goes Vallejo : Always at the forefront, California will have the first major US city to go bankrupt this time around. Vallejo's city fathers voted to file for bankruptcy because it ran out of money. Birmingham, Alabama is trying hard for second.

The Bright Side: The FAO reports that 37 developing countries are in urgent need of food, 100 million more people are facing severe hunger and food riots are breaking out across the globe. Cargill reports profits are up 86%, Monsanto reports $3.3 billion in profits in three months, and ADM's net earnings are up 42%.

Porn O'graph: Where the jobs are: Go look.

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