Thursday, November 6, 2008

SAR # 8311

Hopefully Obama will be remembered as

the second man to save the Union.

Reality Check: Excuse me if I'm not delirious; I've been married three times.

Change You Can Count On: Change is most certainly coming, not the Change promised by Obama, but the change promised the declining oil in layers of rock buried in the ground.

Recycling: Seems Paulson's boys have started buying the toxic trash. No word yet on whether it's darts or Ouija boards for setting the prices. Or need.

Surprise, Surprise: Russia will station Iskander missile systems near Kaliningrad, across the border from the Polish site where the US anti-missile boondoggle will be deployed.

What the Dr. Said: One-time builder D.R. Horton reports house sales were 40% down in units and 50% down in dollars from the previous year. Fewer, cheaper.

Fill'er Up : Attentive Americans have noticed the fall in the price of gasoline and have upped demand 25% from the recent decline. Another lesson not learned.

Money Is Tight, Pants, Too: Prices of healthy foods have risen nearly 20%, while junk food prices have dropped 2%. You want fries with that?

Tweedle Dee: The Global economy is projected to grow 1% in 2009, according to Fitch Rating Services. Optimists.

Pay Up, Else: The auto industry has delivered its extortion demands: Either the taxpayers pony up $25 billion (with more later, on the installment plan) or they'll throw at least 2.5 million out of work in 2009.

RSVP (Regrets Only): The US bombed another Afghan wedding Monday, killing 40 potential terrorists on the groom's side.

Safe Cigarettes Coal: Mining coal causes black lung disease and poverty, suffocates miners, and dumps mountain tops into rivers. Burning coal causes acid rain, smog, asthma attacks, mercury contamination, dead trees, and global warming. Coal is the dirtiest of the fossil fuels. There is no such thing as "clean coal." The most promising research, which was 25 years from viability, was killed by the Bush administration.

Denial: While 74% of houses have lost value during the past year, 49% of homeowners believe their own house has not lost value.

More & Better: Northcom - the Pentagon bunch dedicated to controlling the civilian population here at home - is assigning two more units to the command to assist in "specialized domestic operations."

Superiority Complex: Industrial civilization is the result of the rapid consumption of the world's limited supply of fossil fuels, especially petroleum. Fossil fuel based civilization will depart immediately after fossil fuels do.

Reading Gaol: Scientists have discovered that the same brain circuits are involved in both love and hate. The major difference is that hate retains a semblance of rationality Oscar Wilde knew that, expressed it better.

Porn O'Graph: 4 of the last 5 recessions followed spikes in oil prices.

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