Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SAR #9090

Incompetence is the more likely explanation.

As Suspected: The CIA reports that most electronic voting is not secure. How do they know?

Sleep Well: Peak Oil's courageous spokesman, Matt Simmons, claims that production from the world's aging oilfields is dropping by as much as 20% a year. (Cantarell, for example dropped over 30% last year and the IEA expects it to drop another 22% this year.) Simmons also says another leap in oil prices is but 3 to 6 months away. So we've got time yet to enjoy the new SUV.

Do As I Say: Amid all the editorials and speeches decrying protectionist steps by foreign governments, the trillions of dollars of support Washington has given to US financial organizations is never recognized as protectionist.

Not Kansas: Pay no attention to the treasury secretary behind the curtain.

Just Syaing "No.": Only in the Iditarod does gathering a group of the headstrong individuals to pull together work. Certainly seems unlikely at the G-20 meeting. If the headlines are right and "Only a united front at the London G20 can save the world from ruin," the world's in for ruin. Hope for the best, plan for somewhat less.

Bumper Crop: Two-thirds of California's banks will face "reglatory action" by the FDIC by year's end, or so it's said.

Continuity: The Obama administration is continuing the tradition of previous administrations in cooking the data before releasing it to the proletariat.

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