Saturday, November 28, 2009

SAR #9333/Weekender

Maybe some of that money should have been used to make actual products.

Flashback: Don't worry, the damage from the Dubai World default is “contained”. You know, like the sub-prime mortgage problem was.

Emphasis: I'm not as disturbed by the new US military prison in Afghanistan as I am by the pride the military takes in it. They brag that "vocational training" will be available at the facility. Another $60 million well spent.

Asked & Answered: Should there be a transaction tax on financial transactions? Yes, and everyone not on Wall Street's payroll agrees. Unfortunately, we're not the ones with any political power.

End of Time Shares? Will the high rises on the shores of the Persian Gulf last as long as the moai of Easter Island?

Strange: In a most unusual turn of events for the industrial-military complex, October's durable goods report reflected an 18% drop in defense-related equipment. And how, given its life expectancy, can that stuff be called durable?

Don't Tell Mom: Scientists say that “grubby children” are dirty, not unclean, and are perfectly fine for all the disapproving looks they get from my mother-in-law.

Quarantine? The scientists are losing. Climate change denialism is spreading faster than H1N1 and the only preventative is knowledge, which most see as an elitist plot. Evidence and reason have no more place in this discussion than in a real estate office, and the eventual outcomes will be similar.

Cashing In: First there was cash for clunkers, then cash for first time house buyers, then cash for all house buyers and coming 'round the clubhouse turn is 'Cash for Appliances'. I'm holding our 'til they start subsidizing single malts.

Sleigh Bills: Freight tonnage hauled by trucks in the US dropped by 5.2% y/y in October. Looks like Santa's sleigh might be a bit lighter this year.

Second Chances: Part of the Big Idea was to encourage lenders to modify mortgage terms and give people a chance to remain saddled with a house still declining in value. Out of 130,000 modifications made by Citi, after six months about 25% have defaulted again.

Majority Vote: A filibuster-proof 72% of Americans think that global warming is real and more than half think the US should do something about it. If only the odds in the US Senate were so good.

Porn O'Graph: The recent past as prologue.


Anonymous said...

The Scientists are losing because they were disingenuous at best and fraudulent at worst. The discussion of GW will forever be tainted with a sense of doubt about the numbers.


TulsaTime said...

It is well known that science in general and knowledge in particular have a liberal bias and only serve to advance a UN, one world government agenda.

You know those egg heads want to blame people for all this climate change fluff. an god would not have put people here if they were gonna change the climate.

Anonymous said...

To almost quote our host "Evidence and reason have no place in this discussion ..."
Terry B.

Anonymous said...

More DUBAI Flashback: these guys were going to buy US PORTS:
One of the other crazy ideas proposed by crazed neocons and globalists and opposed by more rational people, attacked at the time as radicals.

And, isn't DUBAI a money laundering capital and supposedly laundry of choice and geographical convenience for all the money looted in IRAQ by the Rebuilders and Mercenaries and other US Client Crooks?