Monday, January 25, 2010

SAR #10025

In chess it's called the end game.

Group Discount:   A US District Court has ruled that NSA's illegal mass surveillance of Americans cannot be challenged in court because everyone was illegally spied on, so no single person or group has the right to feel their rights were unfairly abridged.  Makes no sense, but judges were once lawyers.

Opportunity:  The UN in Haiti reports human trafficking gangs taking advantage of the confusion and chaos to kidnap children with the intent of selling them into slavery.

The Whole Package: One way to reduce both government deficits and the population is to vote Republican.  If we got the government out of health care and housing and left both to for-profit corporations this would generate more taxes while reducing life expectancy.  This, combined with putting an end to food stamps, the WIC program and early childhood clinics, along with encouraging smoking, alcohol consumption, and the spewing of CO2 should go a long way towards lowering the population.   After all, people who get government help are no better than “stray animals” who “ will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that.  And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior.  They don’t know any better.”  So says SC Lt.Gov. Bauer, likely GOP candidate for governor.  The South shall rise again.

Hide the Evidence:  The British government has sealed weapons inspector David Kelly's autopsy for the next 70 years.  If he did kill himself, why hide the evidence? If he didn't,  why not get Scotland Yard on the case?

Good Questions:  If there's no such thing as 'clean coal', how can there be a group called “American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity”?   And in that global climate change is, well... global, how come nearly all climate deniers are Republicans from Oklahoma from the US?

Tale of Two Charts:  Look first at this chart of the S&P and worry, then at this of the Dow and ponder on perspectives.

Then and Now:  The Bush administration's Justice Department said it was alright to hold people indefinitely, without charges, trials or access to lawyers.  The Obama Justice Department agrees.

Inflation 101:  The short course:  No jobs, no wage pressure.  No income, no demand pressure.  No loans, no money creation.  None of these, no inflation.  Once we learn from deflation, we will fear that more.

Inequality:  Not all ice is created equal.  The ice on the Beaufort Sea in the summer of 2009 seemed from satellites to be thick, multi-year ice.  But on closer look, much of it turned out to be “rotten” ice - thin, decayed, structurally weak.  Thus the apparent increase in summer minimum ice for the last 2 years turns out to be deceptive, and multi-year ice is still declining.

Them That Has, Gets:  The British, who have more CCTVs watching them than any other population, will be getting unmanned drones hovering overhead to “monitor” whatever those at the controls wish to monitor.

Porn O'Graph:  Seek and ye shall stand in line.


TulsaTime said...

Boy, it's a good thing you struck out that part about Republicans from Oklahoma, because that would be redundant and duplicative.

It's good to see that SC is getting out ahead of the curve in explaining the platform in plain english. That will save prez palin a lot of time on the campaign from having to talk to reporters.

Did you see where the USGS had doubled the figure for recoverable reserves from Venezuelan oil sands? There could be a real estate boom coming in Caracas.

kwark said...

RE "Group Discount": . . . U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker held that the privacy harm to millions of Americans from the illegal spying dragnet was not a “particularized injury” but instead a “generalized grievance.” Apparently this fellow has no conception of the role of the judiciary in upholding the Constitution. Or, more likely, his notion of upholding the Constitution is to bow to the wishes of the administration (read CIA, DOD, Homeland "Security" etc). I wish I could say I'm shocked but this decision IS consistent with the dead-on-arrival performance of our so-called Judiciary over the last 9 years.

EconomicDisconnect said...

In any end game is all comes down to pawn structure!

I always open with the Barcza (white) or the Sicilian Scheveningen (black).