Thursday, August 19, 2010

SAR #10231

No deficit hawk has yet volunteered to pay higher taxes.

Report:  Scientists say that nearly 80% of BP's leaked oil is still lurks beneath the surface of the Gulf.  In other words, your government and BP are lying to you.  Again.

Nothing Up My Sleeve:  Blaming “structural issues” for our high unemployment rates suggests that even if the unemployed had money they wouldn't buy stuff – because the 'structural issue' is that at today's level of production no more workers are needed.  The trick is to find a way to either increase demand enough to get companies to hire more workers, or to employ more folks to meet the existing level of demand, or to give the unemployed some money so they can buy stuff – voila: demand!.

Accepting Responsibility:  After using the N-word 11 times in one program, Dr. Laura says the liberals are driving her to give up her conservative talk-radio show.

You Choose:  The same bunch of politicians who brought you the Iraq Invasion (count the votes) and drove the defense budget up only 2% of GDP higher now say that over the next twenty years the cost of a decent retirement for our aging population will cost an ungodly 2% more of GDP and we can't afford it.  Where does this hoax originate?  Who is going to rake in the dough if we swallow this obvious nonsense about the sky falling?

Short Term Memory Loss:  Voters view the Republicans as more likely to reduce the deficit.  Someone should take them back to the Reagan years and walk them back up through Little George's disaster.

Bunch'a Trojans:  Remember how austerity was going to save Greece? Think the US austerity advocated by the deficit hawks will end any better? Desperation.  Let us prey...

Pieces of the Hole:  Voters want Congress to “do something” about the deficit, but 57% do not want national defense cut, over 65% do not want Medicare eligibility age raised, 64% do not want the retirement age raised, 74% want Medicare to provide more help to poor seniors.  They think (64%) capping Medicare/Medicaid payments to providers is okay and 58% think the rich should pay Social Security taxes on more of their income. And while you're at it, do something about the deficit.

No Names:   “Governments have made promises their economies cannot fulfill.”

Because it Can:  Big Pharma routinely hides inconvenient data, pushes out 'new and improved' drugs that may well be neither – independent tests found that 85% of new drugs offer few if any new benefits - and spends three times as much marketing drugs as developing them.

Wall Street Explained:   “Half of life on Earth is parasitic — each free-living organism has at least one parasite.”

Hot Water:  The reason this year's weather extremes have not brought climate change to the forefront is threefold:  (1) Climate scientists carefully make the distinction between weather and climate.  (2) Climate change will be visible only in the rear-view mirror.  And (3) Like the frog in the pan of water on the stove, “Hey, c'mon in, the water's fine.”

Food? For Thought:  Rats addicted to junk food will starve themselves rather than eat readily available healthy food.

The Questions:  How much more money can the US Government possibly spend?  What happens when it reaches the end?  Plan, what plan, why should we plan?

Porn O'Graph:  Love and marriage. House and Job. Chicken and Egg.


Matte Gray said...

Regarding the behavior of Big Pharm, perhaps the most egregious is their preference for producing drugs that treat disease rather than cure it. Drugs that you need to take for the rest of your life are a much better source of revenue.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood how you damned liberals trick good conservatives into doing and saying such awful things.