Thursday, November 4, 2010

SAR #10308

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The election was essentially meaningless. At best, the Republicans came in third behind 'None of the above' and 'Off with their heads'. No political philosophy was endorsed, nor rejected. The American voter was simply too self-centered to understand the economic reality that in two years no political party could have repaired the damage done to the American economy in the last three decades.

The voters do not particularly like or understand the Republicans. They voted against. Just against! They just wanted to show Washington how pissed off they are. Yesterday the Democrats bore the brunt. Interpreting the results as a referendum on ideology – either from the left or the right – is to make a mistake. The real story is a failure to deliver as promised. Change, hope. We got neither.

But in turning against the Democrats for not making things better, we voted to make things worse - far, far worse. Republicans have learned nothing. Tax cuts and deregulation are the limit of their economic vocabulary. Tax cuts and deregulation are what got us here.

The Republicans do not care much about the voters or the economy, they care mainly about power. Their main goal is to stand in the doorway, blocking progress, gleefully shutting down the government. When the next financial meltdown occurs it will be be too late to save ourselves. Too late for the voters, too late for the millions of underwater homeowners and one-time home owners, for the unemployed, underemployed,the discouraged and downtrodden. Too late, too, for Wall Street. And far to late for a country that has squandered its heritage and become as bankrupt morally as it is fiscally.

Some will claim the election is a historic realignment in US politics that will last for 20 years. Which is just what they said 2 years ago. But November 2 will turn out to be just another day. The biggest loser is democracy itself, the quaint notion that the citizenry were more or less equal. That idea is now endangered, if not extinct, thanks to the Supreme Court. In its place will be money, more money, more secret money. The never-ending negative propaganda campaign will not stop – it will be our permanent Two Minutes of Hate.

The election was essentially meaningless. Yet it foretells our demise.

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A Rose is a Rose:  Isn't Quantitative Easing just another way of saying we're going to devalue the dollar by printing a whole lot more of them?

US and Them:  The communists in China are underwriting the development of electric car batteries to power the future of transportation so they can capture the market, while the capitalistic US is spending taxpayer money on the continued manufacture of gasoline powered automobiles - 19th Century technology at its finest.

Is the American Dream Over?  Yes, details inside.

A Box of Chocolates:  Would some of you read this thing and tell me if my leg needs putting back in place?  Thanks.

Too Little, Too Late:   The Fed says it will buy $600 billion in bonds by the end of 2Q2011.  Goldman says it will only add 0.5% to GDP, will not materially lower unemployment by and will fail to reach the Fed's inflation target either.  The only thing it will do is annoy the Republicans.

Light 'em Up:  October's light vehicle sales were up 4.7% m/m and up 17.9% y/y.

They'll Learn:  Young adults, 18 – 24, voted for Democrats over Republicans by 19 points (58-39%).  That makes four election cycles in a row that young voters have been the most progressive segment of the population.  But they do not vote in droves.

Porn O'Graph:  Once in a bunch of lifetimes...


rjs said...

re: putting your leg back in place:

here's felix salmon on the same:

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Can't see the forest for the trees is all I can say regarding your opinions and writings. You are a perfect example of the species "sheeple". How in God's name you can come up with excuses for those Democratic Thieves is beyond me, but try you will, and you bring laughs and smiles with your disconnected reality.

The single malt and fine cigar were wonderful, and the celebration continues, as we transition from the brat kiddies to the adults. Barry is a clueless fool, and thank you for electing him, as he's the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. This is what happens when you get a community organizer trying to act like he knows what is actually happening around him. His press conference yesterday was hysterical with the denial. Hey Barry, your Party got it's ass kicked pal. I can't wait until they defund all Barry's socialist/thieving programs, and tell his czars to go straight to Hell. ROFLMAO!

PS - thank you Democrats for giving us Harry for 6 more years. A divided Congress is perfect! You will see what I mean shortly.

Anonymous said...

You communicate like an angry adolescent. Many insults, much maliciousness and little content. But please keep posting, it's instructive in a different way than CKM's sardonic comments to the daily news are. You supply a yin and yang kind of balance to the comments section :)

ibilln said...

agree with Anon.

CKM - well said. "The Republicans do not care much about the voters or the economy, they care mainly about power." Don't forget the paycheck from the banks, etc...

I guess the dems get a paycheck too, but they try a little bit harder to not slaver so much.

Anonymous said...

CKM Spectre of Deflation is a fool or a shill. I don't know that the difference is required learning. If he's a fool, he doesn't understand the system. If he's a shill, he still doesn't understand the system.

Keep up the good work.

Let me say this. When I see a bumper sticker for Dems or Reps, it tells me that it's another person who doesn't get it.

To make it simple, take the analogy of the NFL. It doesn't matter who you root for, Packers or Steelers, you need to understand that the purpose of the entire system is to take your money. Every player, coach, hotdog vendor and cheerleader works for the system.

Only those at the top need to know the purpose. The players can be as dedicated as they want, get paid big bucks or not, understand or not, they still work to take your money.

Now, look at this corrupt government, bought and paid for by corporate interests, backed by the rich elite...

Cheering on Republicans or Democrats or the Tea Party is as foolish as thinking rooting for the Saints is going to improve your lot in life. The purpose of the entire system is to take your money. All of those parties were bought and paid for by the elite long ago.

So paint your head,rainbow your hair and hold up a sign that says John 3:16--it doesn't matter. Until you understand that the whole system is designed to take your money--not give you liberty, protect your rights or see that your kids are safe...Until you understand that, you won't get it, and you won't change it.

Keep hammering away Sir. Little by little one by one, people are getting it. Americans are just a lot slower than the rest of the world. It will take time. I hope we have it.

the paxtang boy

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Oh, sure, Vitus. Neither side is in politics altruistically and both sides take money from the big banks etc. because it takes glumps of money to stay in the game. And yes, the big donors want or expect something in return. This is neither good nor bad, it is just the way it is. (Well, I think it is bad, but that's a whole different reform movement.)

The onliest difference is that the Republicans are the party of property and the Democrats the party of people (although some lose their way and some didn't read the directions on the label. There needs to be a balance, but it needs to be weighted in favor of the people.

As in "We, the people... " Not "We, the corporations.. "

Anonymous said...

I read the "Is the American Dream Over?" by the German newspaper, and couldn't find one mention of the popping of the real estate bubble as the economic issue that started everything.

Rather, they want to blame it on immorality, etc.

Sorry, no time for that for a sociological analysis.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 10.37 (and hey, I don't mind you being anonymous, but sign your stuff with a nome de plume - it just seems polite) Der Speigel is not alone in citing "immorality, etc." as the basic problem.. Four prominent economists have said the same thing in the last few days.

I'll cite & reference them in tomorrow's SAR.


SPECTRE of Deflation said...

ROFLMAO! More BS from the peanut gallery. My points are fact. When Nancy, no more deficits, Pelosi won the speakership in 2006, we had less than $9 Trillion as the ceiling for public debt. Today we are pushing on $13.8 or almost $14 Trillion Dollars. Only a fool would still believe what crazy Nancy has to say, but I hope she stays on as Minority Leader. She and the other socialists will make 2012 even more fun.

The fact is that the Demoncrats had the Presidency, the House and the senate for 2 years. They have had the Congress since 2006, so enough with the BS concerning the Republicans. The Demoncrats have no one to blame but themselves for their plight.

All you back benchers taking up arms for this blogger are as insane as said blogger. No relationship with reality. Why don't the 3 of you meet at an ACORN site to plan your stategy for taking back the House. They have lots of ways of making money for campaigns, as we all learned in the recent past. That or Barney, the FUDD, Frank can reopen the brothel he had going with his boyfriend out of his living quarters. Real classy bunch! LOL!!

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

"Too Little, Too Late: The Fed says it will buy $600 billion in bonds by the end of 2Q2011. Goldman says it will only add 0.5% to GDP, will not materially lower unemployment by and will fail to reach the Fed's inflation target either. The only thing it will do is annoy the Republicans."

Annoy the Republicans? So you like crazy Paul Krugman will now argue that the first stimulus was too small? LOL! Unfrigging real. You would give an drunk a 1.75 instead of a fifth to cure the person from drinking? You can't cure a debt problem with more debt brainiac. It doesn't work like that in the real world. Paul deserved a NOBLE instead of a Nobel as he's nothing but a lap dog for the elites, and you eat what he dishes even though it's a steamy pile of dog crap.

The Dems piss all over you and tell you it's raining, and all you can say is thank you. LOL!

ibilln said...

'ol Spectre is certainly mad, but at what? I think ... Pelosi? Probably the "less government" mantra (?).

The good news for S but bad for the country, is that S, and folks like him/her/it, will be geting what they wish for. Government out of my Medicare.

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Cancel my ACORN idea as they just filed Bankruptcy. VC, I believe both groups to be organized crime syndicates who receive graft from those both groups protect. They will ALL steal the last nickel from the American Treasury.How hard is that to understand? What pisses me off is the apologists for the Demoncrats because they are "the Party of the people". COMPLETE BULLSHIT, and I won't sit by , and let anyone claim this complete fabrication. Food Stamps use just hit 42.4 Million which is up 17% YOY. Party of the people my ass. As I said before, few of you can see the forest through aall the damn trees. PATHETIC!