Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SAR #11338

The band-aids are becoming less and less believable.

Forecast: When asked if America's covert war against Iran included the Stuxnet virus, the murder of Iranian nuclear scientists and various explosions on military and industrial-nuclear sites, a government spokesman replied, “D'yah think it's gonna rain?”

Grandmother's House: The housing crisis isn't over; BoA/ML says that the foreclosure mess is just getting started and that 2013 will be the worst year yet. There is, they say, at least another 7% decline on the way. Eventually a total of 14 million houses will be foreclosed. That's 25% of all houses with mortgages. And that's the happy view, which assumes a nationwide agreement on “the foreclosure process,” which is not a sure thing.

Multiple Threat: Geoengineering could (a) save the Earth (b) destroy the Earth (c ) the Earth will be fine, it's humans that are questionable.

The Price Is Right: In Wisconsin the governor wants make protesters put up the funds to pay for the police who will quash the protest. In Austin, your free speech rights are only good for three hours. (Cumulative or Consecutive was not spelled out.)

Go Long! Famed investor Jeremy Grantham expects the S&P500 to fall to the 800 level and stay there for the next decade. He bases this on a review of how markets have performed in the aftermath of previous equity bubbles, in which it took on average 14 years for stocks to recover. Patience is a virtue.

And I Quote: “Trump and Gingrich Will Save the Economy By Hiring Ten Black Kids to Scrub Toilets”

Majority Rules: Humans and their livestock make up 90+% of the vertebrate mass on the earth. Only humans count, in our view. Animals are for eating, and other species do not count. We are running out of oil and biofuels must replace petroleum. So we will level the forests and plant our crops and the rest of God's creatures be damned. We we will destroy the earth as we try to save ourselves.

It's My Party... GMAC has taken its ball and left Massachusetts, where its illegal foreclosure practices are no longer tolerated. No more GMAC mortgages for the Bay State until it shapes up and toes the line. And looks the other way.

A Little off the Top: Scientists report that Himalayan glaciers have shrunk by 20% in the last 20 years – much faster than expected (of course). At that rate, most of the glaciers will be gone by 2100. And Antarctic scientists report in this month's Science that Antarctic ice is melting “much faster than previously anticipated”, suggesting that sea levels will, in turn, rise both faster and higher than previously thought.

Christmas is Coming: . If you believe that MF Global was the exception, you probably believe in Santa, too.

Socialist Workshop: Did you ever notice that the Cookie Monster looked a lot like Karl Marx? Well Fox can explain why that is – the Muppets are a Communist agit-prop ploy trying to brainwash our children. Much as Fox is brainwashing our adults.

Say Goodnight, Ricky: More-or-less presidential candidate Rick Santorum says that anything science cannot explain after all this time should simply be taken as proof of a Divine Creator. He also thinks this view is scientific and belongs in the classroom

Porn O'Graph: Crudely, explained.

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kwark said...

Re: "Multiple Threat" I have an old grad school friend who's become convinced that the military has been engaged in this sort of thing for years. According to him, this is accomplished by specially equipped aircraft flying at very high altitude. As to why and what the aim is. . . in any even he claims we're already "in" the experiment. 'Course dumping CO2 at the current rate is also a giant experiment.