Thursday, March 1, 2012

SAR #12061

Growth is not a cure-all; it might not even be a cure-most.

Daddy Took The T-Bills Away: As soon as Bernanke made it clear that QE3 was going to be a non-starter, gold and silver plunged. So, without more QEasing to prop up assets, where will the next trillion in liquidity come from?

Happy Days: Everything all over America is getting better and better, it says here. Maybe your brother-in-law will get a job and move out of the garage pretty soon.

Global Markets: The reason gasoline prices in the mid-section of the US are still reasonable is that there is no way to get it to ports. The Keystone pipeline will take care of that, shipping the glut to the Gulf and onward to world markets. Which will raise the price of gasoline in the Midwest considerably, throwing more people out of work.

Money/Choice: Either Romney has come roaring back, or he is battered and bruised.

Fool Me Once...Irish politicians are convinced they can bamboozle the voters into agreeing to give up financial independence in return for even more austerity. Why not, it worked the last time around.

Good Works: Daniel Pearl, the Jewish reporter who was killed in Pakistan in 2002, has been saved via posthumous baptism. Ask Mitt how this works.

Easy Come, Easy Go: About 70% of the economic boost from the payroll tax extension will go to increased gasoline prices.

Progress: Statins, at one point thought to be such a cure all for everything that it should be put in the drinking water, turn out to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 48%. Do you want fries with that?

Snake Oil Salesman: Newt claims "We will probably, by the end of the decade, be the largest oil-producing country in the world." Today's producers of "crude and condensate"- the real stuff that can be refined into gasoline and diesel - are Russia (9.7 mbd), Saudi Arabia (9.4) and in third place, the USA (5.6 mbd). In that the US isn't going to increase its production nearly 75%, he must be betting on the Russian and Saudi fields collapsing.

Just Wondering: The ECB is taking questionable bank assets as security and loaning the banks another handful of euros. That's about a trillion euros so far, which the banks are supposed to buy back in three years. Awfully optimistic, that.

Emergency Supplies: Thank goodness Virginia has repealed the one-a-month limit on handgun purchases. A lot of women will be needing several just to keep legislators bearing ultrasound wands away.

Missionary Work: Newly discovered Stone Age tools found on the US east coast have been dated to an era 19,000 to 26,000 years ago. The tools are "virtually identical" to similar tools of the same period found in western Europe. Furthermore, at least one stone knife of that era found in Virginia was made from flint that had been quarried in what is now France and carried to the New World 20,000 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Missionary Work~But, but, but you say the oceans are only going to rise because of that evil manmade climate change. Hows come they found some of this stuff under ~water???
"A sixth was discovered by scallop-dredging fishermen on the seabed 60 miles from the Virginian coast on what, in prehistoric times, would have been dry land."
Must have driven their SUV's over I guess.
It cracks me up how IMPORTANT you think our species is to the survival of this planet. It'll be here long after humans are gone. That's why I say, make it plastic, grocery store bagger. And double bag it!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 10.30 - Ah, the self-hoisting petard returns. Nothing here (nor anywhere scientifically literate) ever said that oceans "only rise because of evil manmade climate change". And even that formulation is wrong. What is manmade is the increasing greenhouse gas load (mostly CO2) in the atmosphere. That will cause a greenhouse effect that will warm the earth for a few hundred years.

Here's a hint: During the Ice Ages the earth cooled (and man had nada to do with this, or damned little)as the ice built up on the northern landmsss. The ice was mdae of frozen water. The earth has a closed budget of water - there's only so much of it although its physical state - solid, liquid, gas - proportions vary. When the solid portion (ice) increases the liquid portion (the oceans) decrease. As the ice increases and the water decreases, the oceans recede.

Thus our ancestors could walk a great deal of the way from there to here (or all the way, later on, across the Siberia-Alaska bridge). And they could stop and have a picnic at a lovely seaside spot that is now under 60 feet of water.

All of which should be a cautionary tale for those clever enough to understand what melting ice can do - besides dilute the Scotch..


I'm Not POTUS said...

At least the Mormons are polite about it, back in the dark ages the "Church" in France went to the trouble of digging up the dead and buried put them on trial in order to confiscate the land and goods they left to their descendants.

Anonymous said...

Good Works: Daniel Pearl, the Jewish reporter who was killed in Pakistan in 2002, has been saved via posthumous baptism. Ask Mitt how this works.

Apparently, Holocaust victims are exempted from this wacky, ex post facto Redemption. It would be most interesting to know exactly why. Imagine all these religions negotiating with each other regarding their wacky practices and juju. Be kinda like a G20 Economic Summit.