Friday, December 7, 2012

SAR #12341

“...impatience can make it impossible for anything to happen.” Tony Kushner

Always the Low Morals, Always: Walmart says that taking the minimal, legally required steps to provide workers a clean and safe place to work is "not financially feasible." That's why they refused, in 2011, to provide funding for needed safety improvements in, among others, the factory that burned down killing over 100 underpaid young women. Their customers - you and me, kiddo - won't care as long as we get the cheap goods.

Yada Yada Yada: NOAA reports that the Arctic lost record amounts of snow and ice last year, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Soon creation will be playing to an empty house...

Put Tab GS In Any Available Slot: Canada, which stole him from the US, has lost their Goldman Sachs overseer to the UK, where a thorough search failed to turn up a single person capable of running the Bank of England to Goldman Sach's approval.

Blaming the Victims: The continuing push by anti-labor conservatives- today it's the 'right to work' laws in Michigan - will eventually backfire on them, just as the idiocy of 'no new taxes' has. The country is not as conservative as they hope and the workers are slowly beginning to realize that daddy (or more likely granddaddy) made a decent living - or at least survived going to work - because of unions. Just as Walmart's indentured servants are learning that the customers are not their friends, workers are learning that they will get only what they wrest from the grips of the overlords. In Michigan it means facing pepper-spray and arrest. So be it.

Without Comment: The US Senate took a break from figuring out how to impoverish seniors and cut Medicaid long enough to pass a $631 billion defense budget.

UnEarnings: Because they are afraid their shareholders might have to pay (more) taxes next year, corporations are paying out at least $22 billion in 'early' dividends before year end, which will result in saving at least $9.5 billion in taxes.

Exhibit A: Before she took the job of overseeing the implementation of  the Affordable Care Act as Special Assistant to the President for Healthcare and Economic Policy, Elizabeth Fowler,drew up the legislation while working for Senator Max Baucus, and before that was Vice President for Public Policy and External Affairs for WellPoint (that is, she was chief informal lobbyist for the nation's largest health insurance provider). She has now left the White House to for Johnson & Johnson. Sleazy doesn't quite cover it.

Far Beyond Wrong: There is something infinitely sad about forcing Indians to buy back their Sacred Lands that were stolen from them. Treaties? We don't honor no stinking treaties..

Statistical Mumbo Jumbo: Conservatives take glee in claiming that the US has over $86 trillion in 'unfunded liabilities. Actually, their source says it is only(?) $38 trillion and is arrived at by calculating " the present value of future unfunded liabilities." Which means that if you add up all the expected payouts (for Social Security and Medicare and all that) and deduct all the expected income (payroll taxes, etc) the result is how much - over the next 75 years, the government will be short, assuming assuming, assuming. Mostly it is a scare story. If the economy picks up, it'll be less. If we get medical costs under control it'll be a lot less. If we tax the rich a bit more it will be quite manageable.

Claim: Obamacare saved Americans $1.5 billion in 2011. Dirty socialists.

Hip Hip Hypocrisy: Last week when it warned about the destruction soon to be wrought by climate change, the World Bank did not mention its continued support and financing of coal-fired power plants, the single largest culprit in emitting greenhouse gases.

Porn O'Graph: The 'Nays' have it.

The Parting Shot:



Anonymous said...

"Obamacare saved Americans $1.5 billion in 2011. Dirty socialists."

More like DIRTY LIARS.

My own family's healthcare costs have INCREASED this year to $12K from $8K previously, which if my math serves me right represents a 50% upshot.

Also, the fact that you have your head so far up your ass with ObamaLove® has rendered you incapable of noticing the MASSIVE BUSINESS DOWNSIZINGS that are currently underway as employers start switching their full-time employees into part-time positions to avoid compliance with Comrade Obankster's stupid ideas. Anbd righfully so! Why should the PRODUCTIVE elements of society be forced to foot the bill for the low-lifes & dregs of humanity? If your beloved Lying King wants to buy them health insurance he should pay for it out of his OWN pocket by Cdiverting it from military spending or from BAILING OUT his massive fraudster buddies.
Hell if you love him so much YOU pay for it for all I care.

Read this and weep:

"Here is what I am doing for the rest of the year -- working with every manager in my company so that as of January 1, 2013, none of our employees are working more than 28 hours a week. I think most readers know the reason -- we have got to get our company under 50 full time employees or else I am facing a bill from Obamacare in 2014 that will be several times larger than my annual profit. I love my workers. They make me a success. But most of my competitors are small businesses that are exempt from the Obamacare hammer. To compete, I must make sure my company is exempt as well. This means that our 400+ full time employees will have to be less than 50 in 2013, so that when the Feds look at me at the start of 2014, I am exempt. We will have more employees working fewer hours, with more training costs, but the Obamacare bill looks like about $800,000 a year for us, at least, and I am pretty sure the cost of more training will be less than that.

This will be unpopular but tolerable to most of my employees. The vast majority of them are retired and our company is merely an excuse to stay busy, work outdoors, and get a little extra money.

But this is going to be an ENORMOUS change in the rest of the service sector. I have talked to a lot of owners of restaurants and restaurant chains, and the 40-hour work week is a thing of the past in that business. One of my employees said that in Hawaii, it was all the hotel employees could talk about. Many chains are working on mutli-team systems where two teams of people working part-time replace the former group of full-time employees. 2013 is going to see a lot of people (who are not paid very well to begin with) getting their hours and pay cut by 25%. At the same time that they are required, likely for the first time since many are relatively young, to purchase health insurance."

Now THAT'S a useful blog!

Parting Shot: Could it be that "SAR" stands for "Stupid Ass Remarks"?

I think so.

Anonymous said...

"Walmart says that taking the minimal, legally required steps to provide workers a clean and safe place to work is 'not financially feasible.'"

Barack Hussein Obama says that taking the minimal, legally required steps to provide PUNISHMENT for massive Wall St financial fraudsters such as Jon Corzine is 'not financially feasible' either.

Now YOU tell me which of the two constitutes the bigger problem; the lack of adequate working conditions for a specific group of employees OR the utter & complete lack of adequate rule of law for an entire nation?

Chew on that for awhile. I know you're kinda slow.