Friday, July 17, 2009

SAR #9198

We mostly use energy to transform resources into trash.

Thinning the Herd: WHO says H1N1 is "unstoppable", that every citizen of every country should be vaccinated, healthcare workers first. "The H1N1 virus replicates significantly better in the lungs," it targets the obese -- something never before seen. CDC reports that nine out of ten H1N1 patients treated at an ICU were obese; three died and none have yet recovered.

Getting to Sound a Little Desperate: Obama is said to be considering a way the government can take over delinquent mortgages (hell, Fannie and Freddie hold most of them anyway) and rent the houses back to the current occupants. Who's going to fix the hot water heater?

Night of the Living Dead: For the 3rd month in a row, California foreclosure sales increased y/y. This month it was 25% y/y, down from a 32% increase in May and 35% in April.

Guess Who's Comming to Dinner: UAL, Continental Air May Lead U.S. Carriers to $1 Billion Loss. And then on to the Federal trough.

The Change of Life: "The State of the Future" will report that sustainable growth is not possible on a resource constrained planet and that when growth stops, much of civilization will collapse and billions of people will descend into unending poverty due to scarcities of water, food and energy, as well as the cumulative effects of climate change.

Devil in the Details: Karachi's power company got the local Imams to rule that stealing electric power was a sin. I thought under sharia law they cut off your power cord.

Let's Share: The latest plan to screw the public is to let the banks transform mortgages into shared investments, where you make the payments and they take most of the profits - if any - when you sell the house. No profits? Well, you still owe them the money, naturally.

Can You Hear Me Now: The price of gasoline at the local Grab & Run was $4.12 last summer, $1.67 a month ago, $2.49 last week and I filled up for $2.29 today on my way to protest the additional 3% that trying to save the planet - or at least civilization - through cap&trade will add to my bill.

Ah, A Quote: Republicans are "seeking to crush the economy and then say I told you so."

Another Invasion: Undated pinnatifida, a fast-growing far Eastern kelp is working its way up the California coast from Los Angeles to, now, San Francisco Bay. It grows fast and tall and shades out native life. Attempts to keep it from getting established in the Bay are underway, but will most likely fail. This disaster gets chalked up to globalization, not global warming.


Anonymous said...

"Who will fix the water heater?" Made me laugh out loud.


OSR said...

Actually, the rent to own idea work idea might have worked but the banks won't take a short sale.

Anonymous said...

Getting to Sound a Little Desperate: ...Who's going to fix the hot water heater?

Ah the interconnection of America's Rackets. The Hot Water Heater Racket is costing folks a bundle and has been for years. Very few need forty GALLONS of hot water sitting around while they wait to use it. While you are at work, do you need hot water at home? And when the temp falls, the heater reheats it to a temp where again it is unused. (Do you leave you car in the driveway idling until you are going to use it?) This from a High Tech Nation?

Well there are now in line hot water heaters available and cheap. I got one and am now saving a bundle. And the fact that these in line heaters are now available and not promoted by the government and all these so-called green outfits puts the lie to their sincerity to conserve Energy. Here's is an easy, simple, available way to save lots of Energy and it is not being promoted.

So, the next time your behemoth, lumbering Hot Water Heater goes South, get an in line heater instead and stop feeding the Energy Beast.

Anonymous said...

Another Invasion: Undated pinnatifida, a fast-growing far Eastern kelp is working its way up the California coast from Los Angeles to, now, San Francisco Bay.

Loads of organisms are moving globally via Water Ballast which is taken in and pumped out on ships around the World. So, the World's flora and fauna are being "equalized" via the Globalization Mantra. Who pays?--- well, as usual, not the folks who cause the damage.

May your infestations be beneficial.

Morg said...

Cap and Trade is an idiotic idea that is about wealth transfer not saving the environment. The EPA even put out a study (which is conveniently being ignored in congress) that shows that our reductions won't matter if China and India don't come along for the ride.

rjs said...

ckm, just found your blog, very useful for what i do (communicate), but found a couple of the hyperlinks are faulty...
ie., today, "ah a quote" also links to the kelp story...